Lottery Astrology : 1.5 billion Powerball dropped prize

23678980223_9db8cf0849_zAn unprecedented 1.5 billion lottery, dropped its prize last night on January 13, 2015.

I knew it would drop, because the astrology aspects were there for it. But I did not buy a ticket. Why? Because, sadly, the astrology told me that Powerball would not grace my state that night with its winnings.

How did I know that? We’ll get to that later.

ABC Reports:

California lotto officials tweeted almost immediately after that a winning ticket was sold in the state. Later, California Lottery spokesperson Russ Lopez said there were two more winning tickets sold, one in Tennessee and one in Florida.

And this is exactly what the astro*cart0*graphy chart of the event displayed. 

But first, let’s take a look at last night’s chart of the event. The inner wheel is the “birthchart” of the lottery game, at least as well as I could determine it through internet research, and the outer wheel is the event of the drawing itself.

Several things pop out. First, Uranus the planet of the unexpected is sitting on Venus in the tenth house. The tenth house is where things happen publicly. Now to be fair, Uranus moves slowly and has been hovering over that Venus for some time. Additionally the event sun and Mercury has passed over the birth chart Uranus, almost yelling at us “get it done already! You are overripe and ready to burst.” That’s why we need some faster moving bodies, to trip the event and here we have in the chart of the drawing the event moon in Pisces approaching Mars in Pisces. Seeing this I feel a little badly for one or more recipients of this prize because of the ninth house influence, there is litigation in their future. But big money can do weird things to people. But I digress.

Powerball Astrology

The inception chart of the Powerball and the transit day of the drawing

Also what catches my eye is that event Pluto ready to cross the seven house of partnerships. Seventh house can mean the “public at large.” Pluto is also great wealth and indeed the public frenzy over this jackpot is what drove it to its insane funding level.

Now to where the jackpot dropped, or as other people say, where the winning tickets were bought.

Here we use another technique, one generally reserved for relationship astrology, but I apply because I’ve found it works. I make a Davison relationship chart, combining the two charts by finding the date between the two charts and making a chart from it. A Davison chart is the only one that works on my software because a Davison chart is the only one that calculate a location on the face of the earth as the “midpoint” of the relationship. A location on the face of the earth is exactly what is needed to map an astro*carto*graphy chart. And this is what it looks like.

Powerball Astrology 2

Davison chart of Powerball inception date and drawing event.

Now we see the lines of planetary influence for the intersection of the inception chart of the lottery and the event chart.

Powerball Astrology 3

Planetary Influence on the face of the earth for the 1.5 billion Powerball

See that Sun and Mercury line shooting through California, the one that was hitting the birth chart Uranus? Yep. California.

Remember the event Moon/Chiron combo that hit the the birth chart Mars? See the Chiron line running through through the edge of the Eastern seaboard, right through , you guessed it, Nashville, Tennessee.

Remember the birth chart Venus hit by transiting Uranus? See the Venus line running close to Florida? Yep, Florida. Could it have hit one of the other places on that line. Sure. There are things we don’t know, like how well the winners’ charts combine with the event and birth chart. What lucky combo I won’t know, but I do know with my natal chart I had a shot.

Sadly, I should have been in Florida now. This is the time of year when I visit my dad in Naples. But he’s still in Connecticut now, so that blew my chance at 1.5 billion dollars.

Maybe I guess I’ll just be content to with 40 million for the next drawing, that is if I buy a ticket. I haven’t checked those charts yet.

If you want to read a cool astrological article about David Bowie, (because I didn’t. I’m still in mourning here) go to Matthew Curries’s cool article on the Starman.

Photo published under a Creative Commons license issued by Flickr user Arturo Pardavila III.


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  1. Ashriia says:

    Thank you. This information is very useful. Never considered looking at the birth chart for the game itself!! Only the date of birth for the state lottery. I followed your methods and got to the davidson relationship chart – with for March 3rd, 2004 with a birth time of 9:59pm. However my software won’t allow not entering a location! I can’t figure a way around it, and I wanted to study your method with the astrocartography lines. What software do you use? Thanks!

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