The Astrology of Aspects: The Stuff of Which Dreams Are Made

(Astrology Explored) Approximately 6,300 people will be born between 11:00 PM July 31 and 6:00 AM August 1, 2013 with a special configuration in their chart, a five pointed star. Astrologers tend to get excited about things like this because of: a.) the relative rarity of the event and b.) they are composed of multiple yods, called the “finger of God.”

Yods are special. Composed of two inconjuncts, meeting at an apex and separated by the planets at the base by a sextile, it fixes the stress energy of the seesaw yod into a cohesive configuration of power. Three planets are involved, and have either two planets in feminine zodiac sign at the base and a planet in a male zodiac sign at the apex or vice-versa. In a sense it is the traditional Yin-Yang symbolism signifying the balance of male-female energies.

In the five pointed star two yods intersect, (as you see in the chart) connected by either a trine or square. This day’s configuration is joined by a trine.

While interesting, unless it is part of a significant lunation, eclipse or solstice point, the five pointed star does not portend anything significant, unless it touches important portions of your chart and then only for the time it is in effect. The world isn’t going to end, mountains won’t crash down, or the sea won’t boil. Since half the world is sleeping, it means that many of us as subject to particularly vivid dreams, while the other half of the world will spend more time than usual day dreaming.

For the 6,300 souls born with this configuration as a part of their chart it is another matter. This is a symbol that signifies particularly strong psychic gifts. These souls are naturally in tune with unseen realms in ways that can frighten them and other people. Particular care should be taken in raising these souls to keep their home environment stable and orderly. These babes should be held and comforted, even to a point that may seem excessive to others, to lessen the stress they naturally feel. Withholding affection will do much more harm than good. Discipline should be handled very, very carefully, as they tend to feel it very keenly when parents are angry or upset with them. Their vivid psychic experiences should be handled in a very matter of fact way, so as not to unduly give those experiences power to frighten them. Neither should they be encouraged or discourage to explore their gifts. However, never, ever allow them use of a ouji board.

Many people who have this symbol are here to help people with the use of their gifts, but they often feel misunderstood and ostracized by society by doing so. Because they feel and see other things that most people do not, they often feel isolated and alone unless they have understanding parents or partners. It is important for people with a Star configuration to channel their gifts in appropriate ways and to spend time alone gather their energy and strength. They often love people that other people find difficult to love, and can be taken advantage of by these types of people unless they learn to draw appropriate boundaries in personal relationships. The challenge of the Star is use their gifts in constructive ways and remain grounded in everyday human activities.

I’m awake in the middle of this star configuration period because of some particularly vivid dreams, ones that seem real at the time only to be jarred awake to reality. The last one had me rearranging, organizing and decorating a living room. I was disappointed to wake because I felt like I was accomplishing something important. No doubt it signifies an accomplishment to come.

What kind of dreams did you have this night?

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