Astrologer’s Mailbox: Golden Girl Seeks Career Advice

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Question: I closed my small business 2 years ago and wonder if I’m to find work again or what ?

Birthdate: 9-9-1948
Birth Time: 6:49pm cst
Birth Place: Great Lakes, Illinois

Dear Golden Girl,

I’ll do my best to condense a very complicated situation into a few paragraphs.

When you shed your business two years ago you felt like a weight was lifted off your shoulders. And when your moon progressed into Aries you were perfectly happy to live off the proceeds and do what you wanted. However, you weren’t exactly careful about conserving your resources and when they became a little thin, you took out a loan to continue the lifestyle to which you became accustomed. Now the piper wants payment.

Saturn traversing the eighth house of other people resources tells the tale. Bearing down own your progressed Mercury sitting on top of your natal Mars, getting extended credit or more favorable terms as you’ve found out is not just difficult. It is nearly impossible.

With the weight of past decisions are coming to bear so you think that the answer is finding work. I don’t think so. Even if you got a job, it’s not going to be enough to pull your irons out of the fire.

You need to get yourself some good financial counseling to figure out your options at this point. Maybe your bank has free financial counseling services. You might have a lawyer you trust in this area. Sometimes, depending on where you live there are counseling services available through the state.

Its time to make decisions about your next twenty-years. Trust me you don’t want to spend it greeting shoppers at the local Walmart.

You still have resources and you still have options. It up to you to figure out the best way to make use of them or find a financial native guide to do it for you.

Good luck.

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