The Astrology of Politics: David Petraeus–Poster Boy for the Coming Eclipse

General David Petraeus(Astrology Explored) What’s so unusual about a Washington extra-marital affair? Titillating the American public? Embarrassing an innocent spouse? Highlighting the after-hours antics of America’s men in power? Absolutely nothing. Mostly these things are fodder for the political spin cycle of one party trying to get one up on the other.

So what makes David Petraeus, a highly educated and highly decorated general, just formerly the head of the CIA, the latest sound bite in media reports?

It’s not that his mistress threatened another woman who was communicating with the general bringing in an FBI investigation. (Did she really think that if he cheated on his wife of 38 years, he wasn’t cheating on her too?)

It’s not that the scandal threatened to break on the eve of the National Election. (Though had the Republicans been more aware, we might have a different POTUS waiting in the wings.)

Oh, shades of Monica Lewinski, its just that this is the juiciest thing to come out of Washington since Obama was first elected.

Any why up-to-now squeaky-clean Petraeus, who was being groomed for further incursions into the Washington power base?

Look at his chart compared to the upcoming Solar eclipse.

His Scorpio Sun sits square on the Sun and Moon on in the seventh house of partnerships on eclipse day. Quite literally the power of the Moon eclipses his Sun.

Petraeus’s Mars, the planet of trouble and male sexuality sits on the Midheaven of the Eclipse chart, and in the 9th house of law. Looks like there will further investigations, even a house committee called to look into the matter.

Petraeus’s Chiron its on the Eclipse Pluto exposing the seamy underside of power in Petraeus’s life.

Petraeus’s Venus, the planet of relationships runs through the secretive 8th house of sex and is in lose connection with the eclipse Mars.

And finally, Petraeus’s Neptune and Saturn, (higher ideals and duties and responsibilities) sits on the eclipse Venus.

The themes power and betrayal are integral in this eclipse chart. With the Scorpio Sun and Moon as central powers the planets that represent these underlying themes Pluto and Saturn are set to play pivotal roles in the next six months. Mandi Lockley in her blog talks about these influences elegantly::

As we’ve already established, Saturn in Scorpio can be about the use and abuse of sex by those in authority. Pluto in Capricorn is about exposing and holding responsible the past wrong doings of individuals, corporations and institutions which have held power. From here, it’s a very small leap to suggest that once Saturn moved into Scorpio, the past sexual ‘crimes’ of those in power and authority would be exposed.

So much of Petraeus’s chart connects with the eclipse chart that a better character could not have been sent over by central casting to play the poster boy for the fears and anxieties these Plutonian themes pose in this eclipse chart.

Eclipse and Petraeus

Photo published under Public Domain as explained by Wikipedia.

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