Weekly Astrology Forecast: Nov 9 through Nov 15– Sharing and Caring

Weekly Forecast(Astrology Explored) Astrology for the week of November 9 to November 15

This the final week before the next Solar Eclipse, a kind of a wrap up of the previous six months. The moon moves from Virgo, to Libra, to Scorpio through this week, touching on material concerns, relationships and money, and other people’s resources. It is this week where we find ourselves depending on others instead of our individual selves, when we recognize that we are stronger as part of group than as a lone wolf. Venus in the relationship sign of Libra, urges you, if you feel you walk alone, to immerse yourself in activities that involving the sharing of yourself. Helping others will benefit in more ways than you know. Even before the holidays begin this is the time for sharing and caring.

Aries—The planet of individuality, Uranus, has recently moved into your sign. Have you noticed that your life is more erratic of late, that things keep cropping up that place more obstacles in your life? Aries is never afraid of a challenge, but this is a horse of different color. The problem is that you are unable or unwilling to recognize that your sense of independence runs counter to what is expected of you.

Taurus—Memories of the past has you going over issues you thought long settled. You might find out things that were hidden from you or may acknowledge things now that you long denied. You may find yourself taking a trip to visit relatives you haven’t seen for many years. Take your time sorting your feelings, as others may push you to do something for which you are not ready.

Gemini—Things are going so well for you that you are tempted to take things just a little bit further. Don’t. Someone may attempt to charm you into doing something for them that takes things over the top. Talk all you want but make no promises. You’ll find out why soon enough.

Cancer—You hunker down into your homey nest settling in to weather a chilly winter. You don’t want to be pushed into doing things, and you waste a fair amount of time in daydreaming. All this seems very natural since you’ve been going through some tough times. However, your family needs more of you than wispy glances. Get up and get some things done.

Leo—Cheerful Leo has little patience for the machinations of those who like to operated in the shadows, even more so for the sly slanders that pass through their lips. Fortunately your true friends have been very supportive, helping you to weather some backhanded schemes aimed directly at you.

Virgo—You are bound to feel a certain amount of frustration this week, as people say one thing, then do another. The only thing you can do is vent to your diary or cast some hoodoo spells. These spells may or may not work, but at least you’ll have a certain sense of satisfaction for trying them.

Libra—Nothing makes a Libra more happy than to indulge in the pleasures of life. With the ruler of sensual and material pleasures, Venus smack dab in your zodiac sign, you are a kid in a candy store with unlimited credit. Have fun!

Scorpio—You have too much of some things and too little of others. You feel vaguely ill during this week like you are coming down with some illness, but all it is the stress of trying to find a balance in your life. Consult a Virgo for some good advice.

Sagittarius—While your penchant for approaching life with childlike innocence is charming, at times it can land you in some hot water. Protect your valuables, keep an eye on your wallet, and reconcile your banks accounts to assess your financial strengths and weaknesses.

Capricorn—Questionable romantic or business partnerships threaten to shake up your well-ordered world. Whatever you initiate now seems like a good idea, but in the long run you may not be pleased with the results. Consult a Scorpio as sounding board for your plans.

Aquarius—With both the planet of money, Venus, and the planet of abundance, Jupiter making very favorable aspects to your Sun, you have the potential to get anything for which you ask. The problem is that these aspects act like a hazy narcotic balm to usually over excited Aquarian nerves. Rouse yourself from your stupor and don’t let opportunity slip away.

Pisces—You are experiencing a clarity to life’s issues to which you are unaccustomed. The problem is that these revelations might seem overwhelming. Pisces deepest secret, however, is that you are strong, the strength coming from your ability to “bend like a reed in the wind.” Man up, and make some plans to fix that which needs fixing.

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