The Astrology of Eclipses: Where Are Your Secrets?

Solar Eclipse(Astrology Explored) Tomorrow’s new moon eclipse will be in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. As we’ve seen with General Petraeus, there is a Pandora’s box of secrets and abuses of power waiting to get released. How is this going to affect you? The fly in the ointment is Uranus, the planet of the unexpected making a stress aspect (inconjunct) the Sun/Moon combinations threatening to blow up even the most well managed of situations.

Where the eclipse falls in your chart is the area in your life that will be sensitized for the next six months. Look in your chart to see where this eclipse is going to concentrate its energies.

If you don’t know your chart, then maybe its time to have a chat with your local astrologer.

Scorpio in the first, Uranus in the sixth house—While work is lucky for you right now, overdoing the late nights at the office bring on a round of sudden stress related illnesses. If you must work around the clock, at least eat healthy and get enough sleep.

Scorpio in the second, Uranus in the seventh—Nasty surprises await you in the partnership department if you hide financial problems or if your partner hides his or her spending from you. Communicate about finances and if you can’t do it on your own, get professional help to do so.

Scorpio in the third house, Uranus in the eighth—You get to have lots of conversations with your siblings about tax or estate issues of one or both of your parents. There may be problems with an insurance settlement or funds you expect to get from a third party.

Scorpio in the fourth house, Uranus in the ninth—You may not be able to avoid sudden and transformative events surrounding your family or home. You may find the need to consult a lawyer, but beware that this individual’s methods may be too heavy handed to get the results your desire.

Scorpio in the fifth, Uranus in the tenth—Creative endeavors can take a bite out of your professional reputations. Maybe you are a “little out there” or you misjudge the market. Maybe you start an ill-timed and ill-starred affair at the office. Whatever you do try to play it straight and keep your more, ah, “creative” endeavors to yourself.

Scorpio in the sixth house, Uranus in eleventh—You get little sympathy for health problems in the workplace or from your friends. The problem is that you try to hide the seriousness of the issue, which only places more stress on you. At some point you are going to have to decide which is more important, the happy face you put on for the world, or the real need to get support from others.

Scorpio in the seventh house, Uranus in the twelfth—Issues with who you trust surface as you suddenly find out some disturbing information. Trying to pretend that everything is OK will only make the situation worse. This is one time where you should get some professional help to help you deal with this crisis.

Scorpio in the eighth house, Uranus in the first—Issues with other people’s money leaves you skating on thin ice. Maybe someone has been draining money from the company coffers, or a sudden accident leaves you scrambling to cover expenses. In any case, make sure you are covered by as money insurances as you can get your hands on to indemnify you from potential losses.

Scorpio in the ninth House, Uranus in the second—If you or one of yours is going to college funds may suddenly became an issue. Maybe grades slipped or a form wasn’t filed on time. Likewise with legal issues. Make sure any court forms are filed correctly and on time. Don’t accept someone’s word that it was handled. Double check for yourself.

Scorpio in the tenth House, Uranus in the third—Power issues dominate in the workplace. You might find out suddenly that you are frozen out of important lines of communication. Or you might try this tactic out for yourself. Either way the results aren’t pretty. Playing fair is the only way to get out of this mess without dirt clinging to your coat tails.

Scorpio in the eleventh house, Uranus in the fourth—Hanging out too much with your friends and being vague about what you are doing with them are bound to cause upsets at home. If you really must keep what you are doing secret from those closest to you then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it at all. Transparency helps.

Scorpio in the twelfth house, Uranus in the fifth—Your latest love interest or crush is mysterious, alluring and totally a short-lived affair. If you are up for having your heart ripped out its chest for the sake of a thrill, go for it. Otherwise, find safer amusements, like skydiving.

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