The Astrology of Hurricane Issac

Predicted Path of Issac as of 8/31/2012

Predicted Path of Issac as of 8/31/2012

(Astrology Explored) Seven years after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Isaac revisited the miseries of extreme weather on Mississippi. While the new levees of New Orléans held, residents in Plaquemines Parish weren’t so lucky as a gulf side levee broke filling the area between levees with fourteen feet of water.

It pummeled the Mississippi Coast with relentless roundhouse jabs, while pinning southern Louisiana under a saturating rainfall. On its crawl up from the coast, Isaac dumped more than a foot of rain in some places and shoved before it a violent storm surge that would soon bring back the terrible old images of 2005 . . .

Now downgraded to a tropical depression the path of Issac has turned north and east. It The storm is projected to eventually peter out over the heavily populated Ohio Valley and the western areas of Virginia and North Carolina.

Astrologically, hurricanes are ruled by Uranus, rain by the Moon and Neptune. All three planets are represented prominently in the charts of Hurricane Issac.

The first chart we look at (below) is the date of landfall in the United States using the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. as a reference to represent the entire nation. Here Pisces is the zodiac sign on the on the ascendant, with its ruler, Neptune within 7 degrees of it. Chiron. the planet of wounds, sits on top of the ascendant. This is a rain destined to do damage.

In opposition to the Neptune/Chiron combination is the Sun in Virgo loosely conjunct to Mercury in Leo.

Astro*Carto*Graphy maps reveals some fascinating synchronicities. Using the capital of the United States for our first chart of the U.S. landfall day, we see that the Uranus line crosses the Lesser Antilles.

The path of storm continued from there crossing the lines of the Sun, Chiron, Neptune and finally Mercury, where Issac made landfall.

Switching to the natal chart for landfall, using the actual location of landfall, Aquarius, ruled by the planet of hurricanes, Uranus is on the ascendant. The moon is also in the sign of Aquarius. This when Isaac turned from a tropical depression to a hurricane.

Now Issac turns its path to cross those Sun, Chiron and Neptune lines again.

Path of Isaac graphic is a public domain image from the NOAA Nation Weather Service.

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