The Astrology of the Passing of Ray Bradbury: Saving the Future

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(Astrology Explored) As the transiting moon joined with transiting Pluto, challenging his Arabic Part of Death at 15 degrees Libra, and as Venus made a rare transit across the face of the Sun, Ray Bradbury slipped away from the bounds of this Earth.

Bradbury “died peacefully, last night, in Los Angeles, after a lengthy illness,” HarperCollins said in a written statement.

“In a career spanning more than 70 years, Ray Bradbury has inspired generations of readers to dream, think and create,” the statement said. “A prolific author of hundreds of short stories and close to 50 books, as well as numerous poems, essays, operas, plays, teleplays and screenplays, Bradbury was one of the most celebrated writers of our time.”

The Los Angeles Times credited Bradbury with the ability “to write lyrically and evocatively of lands an imagination away, worlds he anchored in the here and now with a sense of visual clarity and small-town familiarity”

He described his method of composition as “word association,” often triggered by a favorite line of poetry.

Ray Bradbury was born August 22 1920 4:50 PM CST Waukegan, Illinois. We are fortunate to have a precise birth time, which gives a complete chart to analyze. Media reports that he died in the evening hours of June 5, 2012 but we do not have a precise time.

It is easy to see where Bradbury came by his love of words. His sun in Leo is reinforced by by three other planets in that zodiac sign highlighting a need to center stage. Sitting alongside his sun is creative and expansive Jupiter, the planet of dreams, Neptune, and the planet of thinking processes, Mercury. Communication was his passion, and trine his moon in philosophical zodiac sign of Sagittarius writing was his way of communicating his philosophy of life to the world.

I don’t try to describe the future,” Bradbury has often said. “I try to prevent it.”

As of this date no cause of death has been released. Looking at his chart we see natal Venus sitting with natal Saturn in the eighth house of death in stress aspect (inconjunct) the planet of illness, Chiron. Transiting Mars at the time of his death was running over Venus and Saturn. Venus relates to the kidneys with Saturn adding weakness to the kidneys. Venus and the zodiac sign of Virgo also can indicate a problem with diabetes which certainly is “a lengthy illness.” It seems to this astrologer that Mr. Bradbury may have passed from kidney failure as a complication of diabetes, though with transiting Uranus connecting Chiron, his passing was quick and maybe even unexpected at the time. With Venus and Saturn sitting in the eighth house, this information is kept secret from the public, so the family will not make an announcement of his cause of physical death.

Mr. Bradbury leaves with us an extensive legacy in his writings giving voice as his biographer, Sam Weller says, to the human soul, pointing out that it is up to us to save the future.

Bradbury's Death

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