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Astro Data 4(Astrology Explored) If you are a hard core astrophile like me, nothing is more fun than leafing through a book of verified astrology charts. Lois M. Rodden put together a series of such books, called Astro-Data 1, 2, 3 and 4. I recently became to beneficiary of a 2nd copy of Astro-Date 4, which is chock full of writers, dancers, poets and royal born in the early and mid 20th century. While you can always get the information on Astrodienst’s Wiki, the books have just a little bit more information. For instance in Ray Bradbury’s info in the hard copy edition the notation that birth time was originally sourced as CDT time zone while CST was verified by the Waukegan Library. It also lists the declinations of of each chart.

From now until the end of July Astrology Explored offers a copy of brand spanking new copy of Astro Data 4, 270 pages of yummy astrodata that normally retails at $39.95 as the prize for our Reader Comment contest. Each comment on any post will earn you one ticket in a drawing held on August 1. I’ll pay for the shipping. So comment away!

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