The Astrology of Accidents: Mars Says “Let’s Do It Again!”

Anatomy of a knee (Astrology Explored) Regular readers are familiar with my thread “Tales of Mercury Retrograde” in which I recount the various and often funny tales of what happens when the planet closest to the sun temporarily loses its lead position to the earth.

Computer and car mishaps are common fodder for Mecury Rx high jinx, less often are accidents, unless of course it hooks up with other planets.

Eileen Nauman, medical astrologer wrote on her FB book a few weeks ago as Mercury was about to go direct:

THE DOWNSIDE of Mercury direct on 4.4 at 23 Pisces, Pluto retrograde at 9 Capricorn and Mars direct at 3 Virgo. I’ve already posted the “up” side of this combo of planets. Now, for the dark side. Hope it don’t come true, but astrology is a forecasting tool, so here goes. Accidents of all kinds and types are in the air from 4.2 through 4.16. With Mars in the mix, it is tendons, ligaments and muscle injuries. And these won’t be acute accidents. If you injure yourself in any way during this period, it can mean a long rehab and could turn chronic on you. Car/airplane accidents, tripping, falling, etc., are in the air for all signs.

Had I not already had my first accident a few days prior to her post I would have called her words prophetic. As it was I was dealing the consequences of a freak fall in my kitchen where I ended up dislocating my right shoulder and severely spraining my hamstring, and inner thigh muscle. Why mine happened earlier was that transiting Mercury hit my progressed Midheaven which is at 23 degrees of Pisces conj my prog moon at 22 degrees Pisces.

The progressed chart is not shown at the bottom. You’ll just have to take my word for it. But as you look at the chart below you’ll see that transiting Mercury, Uranus the planet of sudden accidents, ant the transiting sun are grouped together and making an inconjunct, the stress aspect to Mars Retrograde. Notice that this Mars is lined up with my Moon (my home) in Pisces (self inflicted injuries), with Chiron, the planet of wounds, sitting on it! And Chiron and Mars are in challenge aspect to my Saturn in Sagittarius. Yikes!

My left leg led the action as it was extended forward as I fell, twisting in a way that reminded me of the contortions of that poor girl tortured by demons in the Exorcist. My shoulder, dislocated previously 20 years prior, found the forward then backward motion of the fall too much to handle and I felt that sickening pain that only comes from a dislocation. When writers talk about “searing pain” it is an understatement. Fire runs up and down your body as your body desperately tells you something is wrong.

“Yikes!” pretty much conveyed what I was feeling at the time, though there was a bit of swearing and loud shouts at the time. Fortunately my son was still home and after a call to emergency services, where I hiked up onto a board and transported a very bumpy 4.5 miles to the our local hospital. More swearing (and apologies to the paramedics) ensued.

My own impressions of my injuries were confirmed by x-rays. I was sent home with a prescription for painkillers and instructions to call my doctor, who prescribed more pain killers a few days later leaving me to deal with the uncomfortable business of healing from these sprains. Astrology tells the tale of the various sprains. Saturn rules sprains, tendons, knees and knee caps. Sagittarius rules the thigh. But this tales doesn’t end here.

For one month I was recovering well, gaining back all my range of motion in my arm and my leg. Then, seemingly inexplicably, I fell again, this time in the living room.

Again the same forward twisting motion with the left leg, but this time, with more force and more dire consequences. The knee suffered a sprains to the ACL ligament, one of the bands on the inside of the knee that helps to hold the knee together and the quadriceps tendon at the top of the knee.

Update: Actually a MRI revealed that my tibia is fractured. No damage to the ligaments.

So why did this happen again? Notice that Mars now direct hits the position of retrograde Mars at the first accident drawing in all the elements of the first accident.

Darn it Mars, when I want to do again it has nothing to do accidents!

Beth's Accidents

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  1. Molly says:

    Ouch! Thanks for sharing and feel better, Beth!

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