Astrology and the Earth Grand Trine: Nuclear Powered You

nuclear core(Astrology Explored) My sister asked me what her chart says about what she should be doing. My response was immediate. “What can’t you do? You’ve got Pluto and Mars supporting your Sun. You can do anything you want!”

Tied together by the harmonious energetic connection of a trine, the Sun, Mars and Pluto provide a powerful engine for progress for the next seven days especially for earth and water signs. Or you can space out and let life wash over you like a lovely dream. Your choice.

For those that don’t know, three planets tied together by trines is called a Grand Trine. Grand Trines happens in the same element, fire, air, earth or water. This time we have an earthy Grand Trine, so we tend to focus, especially if you have planets in the earth element, on those aspects of life that provide stability and comfort to our earth bodies.

Grand Trines are a blessing and a curse, because while you have all that power at hand for use, many of us succumb to the easy flow of energies to bask in the glow of earthly pleasures. I’m all for a good staycation but geez folks, PLUTO is part of the equation. The earth sections of our charts are now super charged with the nuclear power of the planet of transformation. What better time to effect change in areas of our chart that have resisted reformation? Let’s take a look at the house to look where you can make some nuclear powered changes, that is, if you can put down that candy bar.

To look at these delineations you would need a copy of your chart and find on which houses the earth signs fall. If you don’t have a copy of your chart you can go to Astrodienst and get one for free. Or you can consult your friendly neighborhood astrologer.

Houses One, Five and Nine–Those who are feeling restless and dissatisfied can find that creating something in the physical realm will help turn that around. Take a class in one of the creative arts, painting, or pottery or the like. There is nothing like getting your hands in the physical process to reconnect with life processes. Be wary of friends who make negative comments about your efforts. They don’t mean for their words to hurt, but they just don’t understand where it is you want to go.

Houses Two, Sixth and Ten –These are your money and work boxes. Your position is stronger than you think, so you can actually get a promotion, raise, or some other perk like a few extra vacation days. If you desire to find another job, do it and do it now! In fact, despite your best efforts to stay under the radar something surprising happens that brings you in the spotlight. Don’t shy away from the light. Everyone deserves their place in the sun.

Houses Three, Seven and Eleven–Tricky situations with children, siblings and in-laws require smoothing ruffled feathers. Though a calm, and logical approach is required to deal with these situations others are so consumed by their own drama that they will be upset with you for taking the high road. Don’t take the bait and you’ll come off as a shining star with others marveling at your patience and loving attitude.

Houses Four, Eight and Twelve You sense there is something percolating under the surface and there is! You struggle over home versus work issues, especially since the people you count on to help you choose this time to flake out. A mother/sibling issue becomes tense, and everyone wants to get into the middle of it. You clearly understand the issues involved, but no one wants to hear your views. Best to keep your opinions to yourself and lend calm support in this chaotic atmosphere.

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