May Horoscope Forecast: Where’s the Fire?

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The planets travel in zodiac signs that are comprised of the elements earth, air and water. There is a noticeable lack of the element fire except for the South node, which takes about the moon anyway. Fire is the element that sparks initiative and action, where the joy of doing is in action. Fire graces us with inspiration and vision. Without it, things are slow to get off the ground, there is little apparent enthusiasm for the tasks at hand.

As a person with only one planet in fire in my chart, I understand very well this state of affairs. I’ve been taken to task on occasion for not being enthused enough, not enough of a cheerleader. Personally I’ve always wondered why this was so important. Put the impossible in front of me, I’ll get it done. It will be pragmatic, it will be logical, it will be sensible, but no one will be waving flags about what a wonderful job I’ve done. There is substance but little flash. People often underestimate me because I’m not running around telling people what I do. Sometimes they just take me granted.

So it you are wondering where the spark, the joie de vie is, it is here right now. But with the nice grand trine in earth sign, earth and water zodiac signs have all the power they need to get things done. Getting them off the couch to do it is another matter.

AriesOthers back the power play, but unfortunately that isn’t you dear Aries this month. You are always independent, Ram. However this month the people around you see your actions as down right rebellious. You wonder why people are taking things so seriously, giving you the smack down at every turn. Aren’t you just being wonderful you? Perhaps, but sometimes we’d rather have vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate. This is one of those times.

TaurusOh look at you, Taurus with the planet of luck, Jupiter in your pocket, and the planet of power, Pluto standing behind you. The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Don’t let old fears or old ideas hold you back. Hesitation will only rob you of a limited time offer for you to achieve your goals.

GeminiYou make it look easy. What is that? Anything you want. Your brain is awhirl with exciting, groundbreaking ideas. You are so excited about them you can think of nothing else lending a focus you don’t normally have. Your friends and your bosses get on the Gem bandwagon, leaving other, more timid souls to grouse about your good luck. Just remember to slow down and speak slowly to the rest of us mere mortals so we can appreciate your genius in all its glory.

CancerIt’s a good thing that your home provides a sheltering nest, because you find the outside world a chaotic mess. You don’t understand why people have to rush around so or create so much drama. It’s important during this time that you don’t attempt to match the speed of light when carrying out your appointed rounds. If this means you are out of step with the pace of life so be it. You have other things to do rather than pretend you are a mere mortal. Meditate.

LeoShould you take the shiny, exciting, but most likely temporary thing? Or should you keep to stable yet small yielding thing? Decisions! Decisions, dear Leo! Recognize that your head has been a bit up in the clouds of late, and you have uncharacteristically fumbled the ball at times lately. Normally sure of yourself is an unhappy state of affairs for you. Listen to the advice of good friends or an older mentor. They have your best interests at heart, even when you seem determined to against them yourself.

VirgoYour keen insights normally lead you to sound decisions, but this month you find a flaw in every plan and every person associated with them. Virgo always does this, but this month, thanks to our friends the planet of illusion, Neptune and the planet of wounds, Chiron, you are especially vulnerable to this major glitch in your personality. Does it help to know that the Universe absolutely supports every thing you do right now? It should, and if it doesn’t then it really is time to make that appointment with a good counselor.

LibraIt seems like everyone has their hands in the cookie jar but you. You are stuck with an on again off again relationship, and an assortment of physical maladies that defy diagnosis. The Universe wants you to rest your bones and reassess your situation, Libra. This is why you aren’t getting anywhere. Come the beginning of July you’ll be able to take action. Until then, alternate ice packs and heating pads on those sensitive areas, including that of your heart.

ScorpioEveryday you ask this one question. What is really going on? For normal mortals this month confounds and confuses, but you see through the mists better than anyone. For this reason you can use those mists for your own benefit by finding some new hidy holes or to provide a stabilizing influence to those around you. Like the card The Hermit in the tarot deck only you understand the secrets of the human soul, and you can hold up the light for others to follow.

SagittariusYou have a date with destiny, that is, as long as you can get you head out from up your hind end. The problem with Sag is that you often let transient pleasures interfere with the big picture. This month the big picture involves putting your nose to the grindstone, not your latest glass of beer or lover. Does that seem harsh, Archer? It’s only for your own good. Rarely are there chances for this kind of advancement, so listen up. You’ll be glad you did.

CapricornYou don’t need my advice. You’d hardly take it if you did. Everything is going so well, you need not listen to anyone else. Then why did you find yourself literally bumping into walls? Why are your bones aching in the morning before that first coffee? Ding, ding, ding! Capricorn, you’ve got to r-e-l-a-x. The world isn’t going to end without your 24-7 ministrations. It might actually breath a sign of relief. All that is required right now is that you eat right, get your 8 hours nightly and get some exercise. Loosen your grip on the joystick for your own sake.

AquariusProblems from the past rear their ghostly and ugly heads. You can’t seem to get past, “If only I did . . .” Forget about it, Waterbearer. What was, was. Your past has already been judged and there is nothing to do about that. Playing mind games with yourself won’t change the past and won’t enhance the future. So do this. Do something different. At the very least, you’ll have satisfied the Aquarian moral imperative of “Do it my way!”

PiscesThere are two ways to go this month. You can slip into the general stream of humanity looking to improve its own lot in life or you can hide out. I’d opt for door number one, but that’s just me. However, should you choose to do so, you have marvelous opportunities to make new friends, new money and new powerful opportunities for change. Why then do you resist the light, Pisces? Oh, that is the question of our times, isn’t it?

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