Astrology and the Lottery: Will Mega Millions Drop the Dime?

(Astrology Explored)–The upcoming Mega Millions drawing this coming Tuesday, March 27 2012 is at $356 millions dollars, if won, the second largest jackpot in the mulit-state lottery’s history. The question remains though if six magic numbers are going to match anyone’s ticket.

In a previous post, this astrologer explored the chart of the Mega Millions game and found that when Mega’s natal Uranus gets hit, the jackpot drops. This upcoming Tuesday’s transits set for 11:00 PM, Lawrenceville, NJ doesn’t have hard and fast transits that might release millions of dollars to some lucky winner or winners.

We’ve seen as triggers for record lottery wins the planet Mercury. Mercury as it moves through the sky (transiting Mercury) is conjunct the birth chart Mercury and making a stress aspect (inconjunct) to the birth chart Moon. This Moon is in challenge aspect to the birth chart Saturn. Interestingly the transiting Moon is sitting on top of the birth chart Jupiter in opposition to the planet of transformation Pluto. It seems to this astrologer that Mega Millions wants to hold on to its jackpot, not ready to give up its riches just yet.

Well, I can certainly be wrong, so I’ll hedge my bets and buy some tickets anyway. If Mega Millions doesn’t drop the dime I’ll do a follow-up on the next drawing date.

Mega Million Drawing 3272012 astrology horoscope

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  1. Lonake says:

    I’m curious where you found the data for the reference chart?

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