The Astrology of Aspects–The Age of Aquarius and the Transiting Yod in Your Chart

Yod AspectWe see the Age of Aquarius all around us. Advances in technology and communication make it possible to reach the other side of the world in an instant—from our “smart” phones. True to the Aquarian ideals of honesty, concepts like “transparency” have taken a foot hold in the marketplace. Discussions about of what is private and what is not take round robins through our legislatures and nearly each day we receive notifications from businesses we deal with about their privacy policies. “You can be sure we won’t share your information with anyone except . . .). And for the first time in human kind’s history we now have electronic social media, and the instant sharing of what we’ve had for breakfast or our random thoughts during the day. Never before has individuality been so celebrated.

Yet, according Don Cerow, the Age of Aquarius is not to start until February 12, 2013 when the Vernal Equinox is parallel to the fixed star Omega Piscium the last fixed star in the constellation of Pisces.

As such we are straddling the old age and the new. I have often thought that those born with a significant Aquarius/Pisces signature in their horoscope are the harbingers of the New Age. With one foot fixed in the past and their head in the future, these special folk can be our native guides into the New Age.

And so when I look to the chart for this week I see Neptune, the planet of our dreams in Aquarius and Chiron in the zodiac sign of Pisces. Here these two planets are at the apex of Yod, called the hand or finger of God, indicating something that is destined. A Yod is composed of two inconjuncts joining at the apex. One leg of the Yod points to the planet of action and survival instincts, Mars and the other to the planet of our value systems, Venus. Both these planets are tenanted in receptive feminine signs, Mars being in the zodiac sign of Cancer and Venus in the zodiac sign of Virgo. These planets are simply begging us to take up the feminine paradigm, cooperation within the group and sharing of resources to heal our ills. Because Cancer is involved through Mars and it hits our stellium of Cancer planets in the chart of the United States, this is a message for us in particular. With Virgo does not like to spend profligately, this sign is good at providing for basic needs, as is Cancer. Virgo wants to analyze the details, to see what is wrong. It is intellectual so the need here is not to give with our hearts, but with our heads, to do the right thing.

We are figuratively inches from the dawn of the Age of Aquarius but we aren’t quite there yet. This configuration calls us to fulfill our destinies, to find our what is not right in our world and make it right. It calls us to look at the broader vision of the Age of Aquarius and prepare for a time when “everybody belongs to everyone else”.

Look to your chart where 28 degrees of Neptune and 2 degrees of Pisces sits in your chart. This is where you need to recognize the adjustments that should happen in your life. This particular set of aspects will remain in play until September 24, but even so the Sun and Mercury will slip into Venus’ place to continue the emphasis on sharing resources and make adjustments in our thinking for a few more days until the September 27th.

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