Transit of Mars–Jupiter Meets The Inner Warrior

Rose as Vicki(Astrology Explored)

My current Facebook status reads like this:

If I can only get my doctor to write this note: Due to Jupiter transiting Beth’s Mars and the Grand Cross connected to it, excuse Beth from work for the next several weeks. Trust me, it will work out better for all concerned.

If there were only short term disability benefits for difficult transits.

Jupiter is getting set to switch zodiac signs from brash Aries to the gentle, patient bull which it will do 9 days hence on June 9. Jupiter doesn’t care much either way. I guess even the big boys needs some down time. But you can be sure my Mars in the sign of its detriment cares very much. People with Mars in Taurus spend a lifetime trying to balance the competing needs of the god of action against the zodiac sign of patience and care. Unlike any planet in Capricorn who foresees the payoff in the future and plays it cool, Mars in Taurus wants to take the defensive posture of a charging bull.

Mars, you see, is your survival instincts, the thing that kicks in when you sense danger, your inner warrior. Ah, but Mars in Taurus, that placement manifests that warrior energy from that of mild mannered housewife Rose Gumbo, to her alter ego, Vicki the Biker Chick.

To add insult to injury, in my chart this Mars position occupies the dreaded twelfth house, which only masks the danger from prying eyes. You see, I have Taurus on the ascendant, and when people meet me, they think they are meeting a nice calm Taurus. But they sense a danger hidden in the background, this Mars position ready to charge. It makes them . . .uneasy.

Must I say then, that I’ve worked hard to tone down this Mars, which incidentally is part of a Grand Cross In fixed signs. These past two years have been Capricorn lessons, taking the long view, holding a strategic position, act, don’t react, standing down when you want to fight. I thought I did well. And now is the test, this Jupiter sweeping in to expand my Mars in Taurus tendencies. As my now ex-husband used to say: “I feel sorry for anyone who gets in your way.”

Yes, the bull in the China shop syndrome.

RoseSo now Jupiter spurs my Mars in Taurus and I’m having to face yet again issues on how to use my warrior instincts properly.

Gawd, can anyone blame me for being a little cranky about this?

On the other hand, maybe I’ll get a date.

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2 Responses to Transit of Mars–Jupiter Meets The Inner Warrior

  1. Alice Brown says:

    Well by far i have been listening about Jupiter’s transit in Taurus, i dint knew about Mars transit. If its that so then this sounds quite scary to me. Thanks for the share..!!

    • Beth Turnage says:

      Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear. Jupiter is transiting MY Mars in Taurus. Scary no. But let me ask you. Where are the men? I mean, Jupiter on Mars should bring lots of men into my life. Nothing.

      Most of my posts aren’t this personal but I am not the only person experiencing this so I thought it might be worthwhile.

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