The Astrology of Eclipses–Polarizing!

Astro*Carto*Graphy Map June 1 Eclipse

Astro*Carto*Graphy Map June 1 Eclipse

Saturn on the ascendant, and new moon solar eclipse happening the eighth house. And that Saturn is opposite the planet that has been hammering away at structures, Uranus. Can the symbolism be any more loaded?

Saturn is the planet of structure, the establishment, and represents the elderly. The eighth house is the place of taxes, insurances and other people’s resources.

Republicans especially has been trying to convince the Democrats and the White House that rising Social Security and Medicare costs are responsible for budget deficits and our current economic problems. Richard G. Viguerie of the Washington Examiner says:

The entire GOP, — from Congress, the party apparatus, governors, etc. — haven’t done enough, however, to educate the American people about the seriousness of the link between entitlement reform and our country’s economic problems.

Oh, geez Richard, maybe that’s because our economic problems stem from fighting wars on wars on multiple fronts and a deregulated banking system promoted by the Republicans, and then handing billions of tax payer dollars over to the same people who mishandled their own money.

It just amazes me that there are people who insist that the people least able to defend themselves have to take it on the chin to give a leg up to people best able to help themselves.

See how polarizing this eclipse is?

How will this eclipse affect you?

Aries—Are you ready for a revolution? Maybe a revolt? Normally restless Ram gets amped up by the planet of individuation, Uranus recently moved into your sign. Saturn, on the other hand opposes actions that doesn’t include your significant other. Your question: how do you be you while maintaining important relationships.

Taurus—Other people figure prominently in your financial future. You could be asked to open your purse strings to help someone out. Or maybe you feel like you should. In any case, don’t let hard luck stories suck your valuable nest egg dry. Return of the money is dicey at best.

Gemini—Isn’t love grand? Gemini butterfly nature may morph into a more solid manifestation at the initiation or a re-blooming of a relationship. Careful not to over romanticize this union, Gemini, as there is more to your lover than meets the eye.

Cancer—Home oriented Cancers are being forced out in the workplace by abject necessity. This is much like forcing the crab out into the light. This is a defining moment Cancer and you only do more harm than good by resisting. Embrace the light.

Leo—For the next six months you will be forced to tighten that belt and learn to drink Michelob instead of Sam Adams. Its not that you don’t understand finance, its just that you underestimated your cash flow. Surprisingly, your significant other backs you in your plans.

Virgo—I know, I know, aches, pains, groans and alones. Most likely it is not your health that is ailing you, but a certain sense that some things are beyond your control. And you can’t figure out what! Live in the moment.

Libra—The urge to couple and to nest is endemic in the Libra’s make-up. How else can you see yourself if not in the loving reflection of someone else? However, dear Libra, sometime you have to stand on your own two feet, and for the next few months, this is one of them.

Scorpio—You like to bury your money. You never want people to know where it is. Yes, Scorpio, of all the sign, you are a pirate, caching your resources in some far away and unattainable place. Someday you are going to have to give up secrets. Maybe someday is now.

Sagittarius—You are forced to revisit issues concerning a sibling. Its not that you don’t want to help, its just you can’t figure out how you are going to manage. In this case Archer, its not a case of lending resources or even time, but some your wisdom. The right words can do wonders.

Capricorn—When faced with two opportunities, do nothing. This isn’t a lady or the tiger moment. You should know yourself enough to realize that you are a level-headed person who usually knows what move to take. Don’t let circumstances force you into an untenable position.

Aquarius—You got two things going on. One is a quest for love and the other is the call to a leadership position within your sphere of influence. One actually dovetails into another, so take care you don’t make a misstep in the love department. Sometimes wanting a thing is more pleasing than having a thing.

Pisces—You only muck things up when trying to reach two goals at once. One knows you have the capacity of making magic happen, but even the best magicians need their props and their assistants to make things work. Dial back your dreams to a more manageable level.
June 1 Solar Eclipse

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