Weekly Forecast: A Whole Lot of Bull

Forecast for the Week of October 11 to October 17

Sometimes we forgot that as well as the planet of communication, Mercury is also the planet of tricksters and thieves.

Mercury started out his life of crime at a young age, being but two days old in some accounts, before he stole big brother Apollo’s sacred herd of cattle. To hide the evidence of his larceny he pulled off the hooves of each of the cattle and put them on backward, so when he drove the herd off they looked like they were walking in the opposite direction.

Apollo, being the god of prophecy, wasn’t fooled for long, and he snatched the precocious babe from the crib where he found him peacefully sleeping. Then he hauled him off to Mount Olympus to face the judgment of their dad, Jupiter (Zeus) the king of the gods. Mercury, true to the zodiac sign he rules, tried to do a happy “aw shucks” dance, denying everything.

Here is the atmosphere that greets us this week. Mercury may have slipped into the sign of the peacemaker, Libra, but he is stressed by a challenge from powerful Pluto. Secret investigations, verbal power struggles, and people just plain into your business are part of the distressing trend this week. Parcel this with the Saturn, Uranus opposition with the planet of money, Venus, and you have people who want your money too! Could it be the people in charge broker sweetheart deals that leave the general public out in the cold? How much money does special interests want from us this time?

Faced with the wrath, of two powerful gods, Mercury was forced to admit to his juvenile crime. Zeus, amused at his latest progeny’s antics couldn’t bring himself to punish the child. To kiss and make up with his brother, Mercury gave Apollo the lyre, which he had invented on the day he was born, and in return, Apollo gave him a golden staff to properly guide the herd. With the lyre, Apollo enhanced his street cred as the patron of music , while as reward for his thievery, Mercury got to herd a whole lot of bull. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Aries—No one is going for it, Aries, so shuffle on to Buffalo. You might as well because other people are intent on finding out what you are “really up to” and can’t be convinced of your innocence.

Taurus—Cross your I’s and dot your t’s. Your business associates expect no less and in fact demand more.

Gemini—It’s a slippery slope you climb as you do your verbal fencing. While you may make points on the elements, people want to see some substance to that flash.

Cancer—At the beginning of the week you are at sixes and eights with finances. Those nasty in-laws doesn’t make things better. Your own recourse is baking, which this week you are very good at.
Leo-It this the time? Should you make that big move to make your dreams come true? Hah! What this is a test of your powers discernment. Learn to see the forest for the trees before you decide to take a hike.

Virgo—Normally careful you can seem to be especially accident prone this week. The problem, dear Virgo, isn’t you, but other people who seem not notice that you are there.
Normally quiet, this week you really should make some noise to let other people know you are about.

Libra—Social Libra is so busy gadding about that you are making some problems for yourself at home. Call home to let people know you are thinking about them.

Scorpio—You take on new challenges with original methods and tons of energy. Though much doesn’t seem to be happening, just keep banking your street cred, which you can draw on later for special favors.

Sagittarius—Good times and high times need to be put on hold this week as a restriction of cash flow keeps you benched. It doesn’t mean you won’t be talking to friends, so invite some over for pot-luck.

Capricorn—Cash flow is tight and investments are iffy. There is not much joy in Mudville this week as swing after swing fails to yield a home run. Dust off your resume but just put on some final touches. Don’t send it off for a few weeks to come.

Aquarius—If you’ve been tending to business, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction for what you’ve accomplished while some people sing your praises. If you are looking for a change of venue you could luck on a new opportunity, but you have to be quick to snatch it up.

Pisces—Women of the bewitchy kind bedevil you. You normally let nasty comments roll off your back, but this time the remarks hits a little to close to home. Talk to your Mom, who can offer a comforting perspective and hopefully some homemade cookies. Yum.

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