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Matthew Currie

Matthew Currie

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Update: 5/12/11–You, me, and Matthew Currie. Tonight 7:00 PM PST 10:00 PM EST. Matthew will bring the wine. See below for directions. Don’t be late.

Not to take any of the limelight from Wills and Kate’s special day Friday, but Thursday night prior, April 28, Matthew Currie and I will get together and talk about skeptics and the people behind them 7:00 PM PST-10:00 PM EST.

Matthew has been looking for a skeptic to come on his Blog Talk Radio show, “Conquering the Universe with Astrology” for quite sometime but for some strange reason no one wants to do it.


Throughout Astrology’s history, this ancient practice has had its detractors. However, since the 1975 publication of the Humanist Manifesto “Objections to Astrology” astrology and its practitioners has encountered especially vicious attacks. These attacks have been led by the organization the the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. These folks have tried every argument, trick and manipulation available to discredit astrology. I’m sure Matthew and I will discuss this and other aspects of the tactics of the CSI and the organization that backs them.

Join us for what promises to be a very interesting hour.

Update: Oops! Proving yet again the power of Mercury Rx and its shadow period, Matthew’s computer suffered a total meltdown. April 28th’s show is cancelled. But not to worry. We’ve shuffled around the calendar and came up with a new date. I’ll let Matthew announce it. See you then!

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