Monthly Astrology Forecast for April: Tripping Over The Edges of the Universe

Nylon Bath Scrub

Superstring Model of the Universe

Superstring Model of the Universe

Prediction is a funny business. There are those astrologers who say that you can’t predict anything from astrology, there are some astrologers who say you can predict everything from astrology, and there are those that don’t even try. And sometimes, the chart does not reveal that which the querent seeks. Maybe the thing that would give me the answer just isn’t our astrologer’s lexicon—yet. With questions such as these any astrologer worth his or her salt would wonder if there was something he or she was missing.

When you look at a model of the Universe, as postulated by superstring theorists, it looks rather like a nylon bath scrub, with its edges curled on top of each other. This makes the Universe a rather edgy place, with lots of rabbit holes in which to fall, and plenty of sharp edges over which to trip. Things overlap, history does indeed repeat itself, maybe in more literal ways than we believe now.

The pace of astronomical and astrological discovery has quickened in an exponential fashion since the discovery of Uranus. Before Uranus for the vast majority of people, there was no such thing as self-determination. You played the hand that you were dealt at birth. For the majority of people the best you could do was not lose ground. Uranus shows up and pow! In less than a blink of an eye in cosmic terms shortly before its official discovery, “We the people” and “right to pursue happiness” become catch phrases for a new country. Well, that certainly was an edge of the Universe we didn’t see coming. Following in relatively short order Neptune, Pluto and Chiron, the discovery of these energies represented new edges of the Universe. It took two hundred years to understand the nature of Uranus, a hundred years to understand Neptune and barely fifty to grasp the meaning of Pluto. The meaning of Chiron was integrated into our astrological lexicon within 20 years of its discovery. Now we have a new slew of planetary aspects. Eris, Sedna, Haumea, Varuna, Makemake, which we are only beginning to parse. How many years it will take before they are in our bag of predictive tricks, I don’t know. But I have this feeling we are only beginning to trip over the edges of the Universe.

Aries—Trailblazer Rams have more than enough impetus with many planets in your sign, to take bold action. Trouble is your plans do not meet with approval from authority figures or partners. These folks only have your best interests at heart, (even your bosses) so it doesn’t hurt to rethink some of your plans. Assess your options, gather information, and wait until the end of the month to move ahead.

Taurus—The bull likes to take his time before being roused to action though sometimes this reticence can leave Taurus in the dust. This month however with Mercury backpedaling in his tracks, this strategy offers the best hope to weather some murky financial weather. Ask a nice Capricorn to go over your finances to give you some advice on aspects that a little unclear to you.

Gemini—Work hard and save your money. This is not exactly what the Twins like to hear, but it is exactly what the stars is saying to you. There are some issues in the past that need to be clear up. Pay those overdue bills! Male relatives may do something brass that upsets the applecart, but all you can do for them is love them the best you can.

Cancer—The Crab likes to have a certain emotional wiggle room, but this month this is not an option. So much is going on for you that you are likely to feel overwhelmed. If you are feeling a bit hemmed in, OK at lot fenced in, you are. It’s a good thing you have such good friends who will help shore you up during this time.

Leo—This is an excellent time to issue a call to arms to your troops (or your running buddies). Your natural charm and command presence focuses the energy of those willing to do your bidding. This is an opportunity to demonstrate to those in charge your leadership qualities. You go, Leo!

Virgo—Someone has been profligate with your money, Virgo, and it hasn’t been you! It’s time to take a good look at where the money is going so you can pull in those reins. Others are not going to like you pulling the plug on the money faucet, but do this you must. Consult a trusted money manager to help get your finances on track.

Libra—Relationships are quite a trial. Everyone seems to be hell bent on doing everything but what you want to do. It does no good to demand what you want, even in your own sweet way, as this will only make you look like the bad guy. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. Pick your battles and be discrete.

Scorpio—Nothing annoys the Scorpion more than the lack of a clear direction. Yet, this month, not only do you but everyone else seems confused as to what to do. You’ll be asked to do and redo things more than once, which will have you muttering under your breath. Hurry up and wait, soldier. You need to be ready for anything, though hardly anything will come of it. Grrr.

Sagittarius—You’ve got everyone in your pocket this month, Archer, as your friends flock to your side and your bosses are charmed by your can do attitude. Because everyone else seems stuck in the mire, yours is a standout performance. No one is born more lucky than Sag.

Capricorn—You spend the month trying to reign in the excesses of others. Does this divert you from looking at your own? Other people don’t seem to be able to deliver the goods and you whack them upside the head. This isn’t just not nice, Capricorn, this is bad business. Ease up and gnaw on your nails instead. A manicure is a lot cheaper than broken relationships.

Aquarius—You are the stealth zodiac sign this month, Waterbearer. While everyone else is scurrying around like ants you take measure of what needs to be done, and do it yourself. Your secret delight is when the boss blows a gasket about an issue and you can smile sweetly and say, “Don’t worry. I already took care of it. “ That shows him!

Pisces—If you are single, you might meet “the one”, it you are dating you might be talking marriage, if you are married expect a deepening of ties. This month is all one on one for the sign of the fishes. If you walk alone, it is only because you choose to do so.

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