Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Forecast(Astrology Explored) Aries—The stars favors discussions with significant others. This may be what you need to help you get over the hump with relationship issues.

Taurus—The full moon in your sign this weekend hits a part of fortune spot, a lucky break if you will. Relationship issues are the impetus you need to define your true heart’s desire.

Gemini—The health issue of a significant other causes concern on your part, but also highlights the strength of your bond.

Cancer—Clinging to outworn methods or ideas prevents the implementation of needed changes. Sometimes, dear Crab, you have to go with the flow.

Leo—This holiday the action and the attention swirls around you. You enjoy the company of friends and family.

Virgo—When it is time for company to come over you swing into full Virgo let’s clean until its perfect mode. Truth is no one’s home is perfect and sweating the details only wears you out.

Libra—You may be sweating the intentions of that on again, off again sweetie. Trying to take a few swings using their bat, however, will backfire on you. Chill.
Scorpio—All work and no play makes for one weak immune system. Give yourself a little down time to restore energy.

Sagittarius—Your good looks and natural charms help you catch the interest of a real hottie. Now that you’ve caught ‘em do you want to keep ‘em?

Capricorn—The hours before the full moon gives you some powerful emotional support from an important person in your life.

Aquarius—Get as much rest as possible to stave off a possible health problems. Sometimes you do drive yourself too hard.

Pisces—This weekend features some powerful insights on the behavior of others as you comtemplate the upcoming holidays. However, it is best to keep these to yourself.

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