Weekly Astrology Forecast: Who’s In Charge Anyway?

Weekly ForecastAstrology for the Week of September 17 to September 23

Mars hotly pursuing Venus joins her in the sign of Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio by herself is dangerously sultry and seductive but with Mars in the mix, things heat up. But this time its not all about sex. In friendly energetic connection to the ruler by the powerful planet of transformation, Pluto in Capricorn this week is about who is in charge.

Pluto has been the apex of a T-Square for most of this year, in challenge aspect to Saturn and Uranus. Last year the predominant aspect structure was this very opposition, working to break down the structures that support us. Enter Pluto in Capricorn. Whenever Pluto is in Capricorn established power structures are overturn. This happened during the American Revolution, and the revolutionary spirit spread to France and then around the world breaking up traditional power structures revolving around hereditary owners of the land, the nobles. Wherever Pluto is in Capricorn, the “new boys” demand a place at the table.

Pluto and the sign it rules works behind the scenes, in secret, using manipulation and obfuscation to achieve its aim. Whoever you think is in charge, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Where is this going to play out in your life? The bedroom or the boardroom?

Aries—You find it difficult to get your point across this week as the planet Mercury frustrates communication. You are asked for a strict accounting, but action oriented Rams are big picture people, not used to getting to the nitty—gritty. Get your notes in order.

Taurus—The weekend is a good time to organize and pinpoint solutions to sticky problems. Make sure you go easy on others, as all this efficiency is little bit much for others.

Gemini—It’s not usual that Gemini slides into the role of victim but this week you are apt to do just that. It doesn’t help that other people are talking about you behind your back, Gemini needs to act above it all, because, in truth, you are.

Cancer—The weekend has you fussing around the house trying to make everything just right but you are misdirecting your energies. What you actually want is a little loving from your significant other, and this week the direct approach works best.

Leo—Love and money are especially problematic this month. This weekend things pop up out of the blue that demand your attention in these areas. An older person can provide some good advice.

Virgo—You get a glimpse of the sleazy underpinnings of someone else’s world. Some things are just not meant for you to clean up Virgo, and this is one of those things.

Libra—Try as you might to pin things down other people have their own views on how things should be. I highly doubt you’ll get what you want by pushing the issue, so maybe it is time to rethink just what it is you want.

Scorpio—You might not have the entire story concerning a loved one. This weekend it is best not to pry if you really don’t want to hear the answer. You do however, have the chanced to heal an old wound concerning a father figure.

Sagittarius—You are held to account for your actions. Good time Archers hardly keep a good accounting of their expenses, which makes this inquiry particularly uncomfortable. Don’t let communications with others slide.

Capricorn—You face substantial resistance to your latest plans. However, you know best all the ins and outs so go ahead and do what you think is best.

Aquarius—Your Aquarian ways, unusual and unpredictable catch with you, as the Universe demands that you pay attention to the details. Channeling your considerable talents to the straight and narrow leaves you stressed. Take some you time to de-stress from your distress.

Pisces—You face considerable opposition, and there isn’t much you can do about it. Other people are convinced they are right. There is nothing wrong with at least looking at the other person’s point of view.

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