If We All Used Astrology in Our Job Interviews

Job Interview

(Astrology Explored)–I see you are an Aquarian.” A statement not a question.

“Yes, “ I say, a bit nervous despite my outer bravado. No one likes job interviews.

“And before your last position, you jumped around at jobs every two years or so. That certainly shows the Aquarian propensity to get easily bored with a job.”

“If you notice, each job was a step up, and with a tenth house Sun, getting ahead is very important to me.”

“Hmm, I see you also have your Venus and Mercury in Capricorn as well.”

I get the mental image that the interviewer is thinking of the knife that could be stuck in his back, that is, if I were so inclined. Not anymore. I sold my knife collection to get the new suit I was wearing for this interview.

“Not all of us are ruthless. If you notice, I have a Pisces Moon. I have a lot of compassion. And my Saturn is in Sagittarius. There isn’t much wiggle room in my value system, which is big on ethics.”

“Hmm,” opined the interviewer and not encouragingly since my Moon is square Saturn.

I could see this wasn’t going well.

“What would you say is your worst quality?”

Ah, a standard interview question. I can ace this.

“My Mars square my Sun. But I worked hard at not being defensive when someone criticizes, I mean, critiques my work. I listen more and am much more open to suggestions.”

“I hardly think so, with your progressed Mercury in Aries. But we do need someone who can make things happen, and with your Progressed Sun and Venus in Aries as well trine your Uranus and your Saturn, you can do it, even if you take out a few employees while you do it. In fact, you seem like you could be perfect fit for our organization since we are looking to trim the labor force.”

He peers at me over his horn-rimmed glasses.

“When can you start?”

“Let me get this straight. You’re hiring me to fire people?”

He nodded.

I lurched out of the room. There are just some things my Moon in Pisces can’t take, even if my Venus is screaming to take the money and run.

Note: This is merely a tongue in cheek piece. Now REALLY!

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