Weekly Astrology Forecast: Walk on Eggshells

Zodiac and Stars

Zodiac and Stars

(Astrology Explored)–Astrology for the Week July 16 to July 22

I don’t know about you but Pluto worries me.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and as I wrote previously, it was sitting smack dab on the Lunar eclipse not so far back. Since then we had a solar eclipse, this past Sunday in fact, but that eclipse sitting nicely in the ninth house of higher knowledge, so maybe we’ll smarten up a little bit and use those higher energies to an enlightened purpose. In the meanwhile our forecast week starts with a very strong T-Square involving Mars, the Moon, and Saturn, in tension aspect to Jupiter and Uranus and all of that is in challenge aspect to Pluto.

Pluto square Mars opposite Uranus is the Harley Biker, the Gangsta, the original Bad Boy. To heck with the idea that Pluto is in the nice sedate zodiac sign of Capricorn. If you knew what I knew about Capricorn energy you’d feel uneasy too. Capricorn afflicted with poor aspects can be very twisted, with a me and only me attitude that is quite cold and calculated. Oh, they’ll be quite charming until they get what they want, then they’ll ignore you like they never knew you.

A T-Square always talks about relationships and difficulties within. With the Moon involved we are talking about our feelings, and what we are feeling is that we are not getting what we want! People with relationships that are on bad footing already might want to walk on eggshells just for this week, if you want to keep what you have. If not, it’s Adios Amigo!

Aries—Other people have plenty to say about what are doing. The typical Aries reaction to all of this is to not listen and do your own thing. Well, this is what got into your present situation in the first place, Aries. It is best if you resist temptation to make tracks when you should be making changes.

Taurus—The planet of beauty and love and Pluto make beautiful music in the heavens regarding love and finance. For you to reap these benefits, though, you must resist the temptation to speak out of turn or simply speak your mind. You are not apt to be well received it you don’t put a sock in it.

Gemini—Feeling restless you head off to some social event where you are witty, bright and charming. At least you think so. So don’t bother with those old bittys in the corner that aren’t copasetic with the length of your dress or the height of your heels. Some people just can’t resist the urge to criticize and you should resist the urge to listen.

Cancer—You want to do something, but what? You have the urge or opportunity to do something that requires a great amount of detail work which is something you normally don’t enjoy. However, this is one of those times when you must step up to the plate, so put your doubts asides and move forward with something that surely will bring other opportunities your way.

Leo—You can talk your way out of anything Leo, but this time you might find your tongue, as silver as it is, isn’t going to help. Midweek, you find people are working to undermine your efforts. Other people didn’t follow through on your instructions and failed to tell you. Keep a plan B in your pocket and your bosses apprised of the ramifications.

Virgo—You shine with a special glow this week as the planet of love, Venus, shines her light on you. It is a good time for haircuts and beauty treatments and to review your finances. I know unexpected expenses keep cropping up, but you can splurge a little bit.

Libra—You might as well get all that little stuff done you’ve been putting off this weekend, as by the end of week you’ll be give a whole lot of responsibility and quite suddenly too. You aren’t quite sure what is happening or why, but that will become clearer next week.

Scorpio—You find someone who is earthly sensual to kick off your fantasies. The problem is the boy or girl friend in the corner who isn’t so happy you are giving their sweetie the eye. Check out any situation before you make a move.

Sagittarius—The archer is a broad brush stroke kinda gal or guy, so when asked to pony up the details you just might fall off the horse. Dig a little deeper into your financial details and don’t trust to fate to keep you from bouncing your check to the electric company. Its no good operating in the dark.

Capricorn—Caught in a web of your own making, you just might find your carefully laid plans are co-opted by someone else. If you try to take the credit now, you’ll just be setting yourself up for a nasty shot to the jaw, figuratively if not literally speaking. Maybe next time you won’t try to go through the back door when the front door will do.

Aquarius—Get ready to face your worst fears. All eyes point to you as decisions are made of far reaching consequences. Call Fate or Destiny, but much of this is out of your hands, and the best you do is to take the reins and ride the steed that is given to you.

Pisces—You feel like you are swimming against the tide. You are. So much is going on around you, but you are being put into the information stream. Watch, look and listen, because soon things are going to happen to put the spotlight on you. Learn all you can to prepare.

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