Political #Astrology: #Election2020~Will #Biden Turn #Georgia Blue?

2020 US Election
Dynamic design elements for United States of America Presidential Election. Banner Vote 2020 USA. Vector illustration.

(Astrology Explored Blog) The nail biter of the 2020 United States election leaves everyone, Democrats and Republicans on edge as Trump does Trump, and the rest of us lose sleep. The stakes are no less than the soul of the nation. Will we move forward in the 21st century to carve a more progressive path or slip backward into isolationism, xenophobia, and a ‘us vs. them’ mentality? But it’s not just America, but the rest of the world who holds its collective breath. Our friends and allies in other nations wonder if America will reclaim its status as a trusted world leader.

One surprise to Republicans is Georgia within two days became a state in play for the Democrats. As the mail-in votes filter through the counting process, Trump’s initial wide margin shrank to within .5 percent with 5 percent of the vote left to count.

Georgia lays between the Election Map’s Neptune and Sun lines. See how the East Coast is both illuminated behind the shade of Neptune. Things aren’t what they initially appear. And the first results favored Trump heavily.

Interestingly, Georgia’s Astro*Carto(Graphy it is bracketed by it’s Sun line and the North Node of the moon.

Now take a look at the chart above. Who is owning the North Node? You can make an argument for either candidate, which is the tricky part. Sure, Trump’s North Node conjucts the Election North Node, which makes this so tough to call.

But I keep looking at the Biden’s Saturn in the Tenth house the Election Chart.

Joe Biden’s Astro*Carto*Graphy Chart

Biden’s Uranus runs through Georgia, upsetting the status quo. I can be wrong, but I think Biden, when the votes are all counted, will turn Georgia Blue.

Now look at the 9th house. Yeah, Trump will demand a recount. Sigh.

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