The #Astrology of the #NotreDame Fire

Fire of Notre Dame 4/15/2019
By Julie Anne Workman – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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Paris and the world suffered an inexplicable loss with the destruction of much of the 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral. Starting at around 6:50 PM, Paris time, initial reports stated that the fire started on the roof. Four hundred firefighters battled the blaze for nine hours before they extinguished it.

The great Medieval churches weren’t just the sign of the Roman Catholic Church’s wealth, power and might. They had a divine mission.

Light has long been a metaphor for the divine, as, for example, it appears in the writing of St. Augustine and John the Evangelist (see John 1.5 )…The origin of Gothic architecture lies in this same understanding of light.  When the abbot Suger began to supervise the reconstruction of the ancient Church of Saint-Denis in the mid-twelfth century, he embraced the new architectural style explicitly in order to fill his church with light, so that through great windows of colored glass worshippers could be joined with God.

Astrologer Chris Flisher on his Facebook page said, “The destruction of Notre Dame is an enormous symbolic event of the highest order. Classic Sun square Saturn, Pluto, South Node. This is the end of the patriarchal theology regime.”

GreatRosette of Notre Dame
Great Rosette of Notre Dame By Julie Anne Workman – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

I agree it is symbolic but I’m not so sure it signals the end of the patriarchal theology regime. (I think that will happen when Pluto hits Aquarius.) Pluto is in Capricorn and I can’t think of anything more patriarchal than that. In the tarot the symbol of organized religion and the power it hold is the The Hierophant. Look at that face. He’s not giving up anything. And Pluto may be kicking back. The church of Our Lady, that is Mary, the Mother of Christ, was build on the site of Roman temple dedicated to Zeus, or Jupiter, the very essences of organized religious power in the ancient world.

What can we say about the astrology of this fire? I always like to go the “birth chart” of a building but as usual with records of antiquity the exact date the foundation stone was not recorded. What we have is this which I got from Wikipedia:

… the construction of Notre-Dame began between 24 March and 25 April 1163 with the laying of the cornerstone in the presence of King Louis VII and Pope Alexander III.

Well, at least we have two dates, and being a big believer in following the written record, I created a Davison Relationship Chart that creates a chart middle date of the first and second charts. Below is the result.

Natal Chart of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France
The middle date of laying the foundation stone for Notre Dame Sunrise Chart

The Moon, Venus, Pluto combination opposite the symbol of old power Saturn. Saturn for the longest time the ruling god of the Neolithic period when humans stepped up from hunter-gathers to husbands of the soil. Saturn always represents the old order and the established authority.

Now let’s take a look at the chart and the transits.

Here we a see a chart heavily influenced by the planet of transformation, Pluto, aided and abetted by his running buddy Mars. Pluto is said to be the ‘higher octave’ of Mars which why in astrology they often go hand and hand when it’s time for mayhem.

And mayhem there is. The transiting Sun and Natal Sun conjuncts in the fiery sign of Aries. The transiting Sun is conjunct by proximity but not sign to Uranus, the planet of accidents. And Transiting Uranus is conjunct natal Mars. Talk about an explosive influence. Since Aries rules the head, its no wonder that initial accounts report the fire started on the roof. Notice Transiting Jupiter making a trine to the Natal Sun. Jupiter, the planet of expansion added fuel to the fire.

Meanwhile transiting Mars connects with Natal Pluto/Venus/Moon opposite Saturn in the eighth house of other people’s resources.

And in the tenth house of public image Transiting Saturn and Pluto hit on the Notre Dame’s south node of fate.

Prometheus brought fire to man in defiance of Zeus giving man the ability to move beyond his instincts to create with intention. And fire destroyed the vehicle intended to bring light to the souls of man. These are symbols so potent I could spend days parsing it. Even before the last ember died people from around the world pledge millions to rebuild the cathedral. Notre Dame will survive, but will we?

Pluto says transcend or die. I think that the message of this fire. The world is burning and we haven’t woken to that yet. Forest fires destroy old growth to allow the new. Maybe we should think about that while we rebuild monuments to old paradigms. We have some growing to do.

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