#AmericanGods: Hallajeuh! And who screws ‘ya?

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Something shifted here in America. It’s been long and slow. I suppose I should have gotten the hint the day 25 years ago when here in my hometown a teenage boy was shot in the back of the head for resisting arrest while face down. Three officers at the scene could not contain one seventeen-year-old and he ended up dead. As the mother of three now adult men who were boys and teens at the time and a woman who supervised literally hundreds of youth newspaper carriers from all parts of this town “nice” and “rough,” the incident was thoroughly unconscionable. Yet, the police involved were cleared by an internal investigation and the mother’s lawsuit seems to have been dropped. Two years after the incident the Middletown Police Chief complained that the lawsuit wasn’t “fair to the officers or the department.”

The kid had a gun. And it was wedged under his body as the police subdued and in the middle of handcuffing him when a police officer shot him.

These three officers received commendations for courage and bravery.

Five years later one of these officers got arrested for “reckless driving and engaging police in pursuit.” Another officer overheard him commenting “he ‘blew off the cops’ and how they ‘caught up with me twice, but I blew them off each time,’… The officer was laughing as he spoke to two other people in the house.
Three years after that a federal court ruled that the police officers did not violate the teen’s civil rights.

That officer retired from the Middletown Police force ten years later.

Three adult men couldn’t contain one teenager. Shots were fired.

You are what you worship
Natal Chart of the United States with Progressions and Transits

America loves her firearms, so much so it’s codified in the law, a whole amendment, that her citizens have the right to bear arms. The Sibley Chart for the United States gives us the fire sign Sagittarius on our Ascendant, but Mars in Gemini tells us we are of two minds when it comes to weapons. Also with mutable Gemini in Mars opposite to this ascendent tells us we may not use our firepower well.

We come by this right as a handover from English law, where the right to bear arms was uneasily stitched into the English Bill of Rights of 1689 after certain handsy kings, Charles II and then James II confiscated the firearms of people who didn’t agree with them. So the law allowed that firearm ownership was an ancillary right of English citizens just to stay the power of kings. One hundred years later, afraid of the power of a standing army, James Madison proposed that citizens keep arms just in case the government decided to take over the rights of the states. So, we have the right to our guns just in case the government decides to go totalitarian on us. Again, to stay the power of those that would be kings.

But as the television show, American Gods, points out the whole issue of gun ownership is now a polarizing influence. Instead of unifying us as a citizen’s militia against the potential excesses of government, it’s a definition of personal power.

Despite what you think this is not a post about gun use or gun ownership but about Pluto. See in the chart above where transiting Pluto conjuncts natal Pluto? When you get a Pluto transit, it f*cks with you bad. It makes you wonder if there is a god because you lose important material goods, people die and life hangs by a thread. Something or someone else has power because it sure isn’t you. At least it feels that way. You get afraid you’ll lose it all.

See this chart 25 years ago when Pluto (the black P) sandwiched between the Sun and expansive Jupiter and square red Mars. It’s a volatile combination, People are afraid. Someone could get hurt.

Those policemen believed they would lose their lives to a teenager. And so he lost his. And you can argue the case all you want but the fact is that boy lost his life because of our legacy of fear tells us we need to carry weapons.

Pluto plays on your fears. He’ll tell you that other people are out to get you, and take your stuff and leave you with nothing. Everyone is the enemy. Your only chance at redemption is to become as inexorable and cold as Pluto.

Do you hear it? Sure you do. You here on the news, and see in social media and there is no reasoning with that fear. Don’t make a woman president. We can’t trust her. Don’t let the immigrants come over the border. They will take our jobs, and our money and don’t you dare let them. There isn’t enough to go around, so let’s hand more money to the Plutocrats who will take it and make us jobs to work for them.

No. This post is about not giving our power to Pluto. Don’t make fear your god. Because Pluto will screw with you the more you do.

Because no teen deserves to die at the other end of a gun.

The only way out is through.

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