President’s Comey Firing: Universe Tells #Trump~You’re Fired

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The firing of James Comey came as a huge surprise to the American public. But is it a surprise?
What does the astrology say about the situation?

Moon, Mars, Uranus and Pluto Are Key Players

Astrologically Donald Trump has his Sun in opposition to his moon. Full moon people are often drawn into relationships with others, but may have difficulty navigating then. My opinion is that those with a significant Gemini/Sagittarius axis find it difficult to accept existing norms of behavior. Either they forever lock themselves with the confines of solidly defined roles or they chuck societal norms altogether. Trump appears to have cast himself in the later camp. Also, there is a tendency to see others as merely an extension of self or failing that, not at all. With the US Mars, the planet of trouble, sitting on his Sun/Moon axis it’s a given that trouble follows him in his role as president.

Mars, the planet of trouble (in the yellow section) of the Comey event charis within 10 degrees of Trump’s Sun/Moon axis and the US Mars point. This tells me two things. First, Trump did make the decision to fire Comey before Tuesday. I say he made this decision around May 4th or 5 days before the actual firing when transiting Mars hit the US Uranus. It also indicates that since Mars has not yet reached his Sun, his problems are just beginning.

Now take a look at orange spot at the eight/ninth house cusp, in Aries with is ruled by Mars. Uranus the planet of separations of the Comey event chart is days within of passing in the ninth house of legal affairs. Uranus will be making a long slow seven-year transit of Trump’s ninth house indicating a continual assault of legal issues.

If he thought Washington was rough in his first hundred days, he cannot imagine how difficult it will be his second and beyond.

If you look to the red section of the chart you will see the US Moon is opposite Trump’s Mars. The US Moon in Aquarius (red section), representing the people, is in easy aspect to his Sun, but it also in opposition to Trump’s natal Mars (red section.) While the moon’s trine to his sun lent him the status as a populist president. But he digs his own grave when he forces his tenth house sun’s viewpoint as king rather than leader. Moon in Aquarius refuses to be ruled. It is independent and despite the cynics, the people of the US think for themselves. For the second time in the chart, this confirms trouble with the citizens of the US. Other than Trump acting extremely mature, patient and circumspect that his presidency can survive. And we’ve all seen that Trump is incapable of acting in such a manner.

Event Moon in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation), which uncovers buried secrets, slid into inconjunct aspect to that event Mars. Pluto of the event chart was inconjunct to that Mars as well. This forms a yod, the finger of God, a destiny point. This yod snares Trumps Sun/Moon combination.

Can anyone recover from this juggernaut of astrological forces? This aspect tells Comey he’s fired, but also can say the same thing to Donald. Blowback is rough as Trump is caught in forces he does not understand, or can control.

Destiny is all.

Trump's Firing of Comey

Notes: Time for event chart from this Chicago Tribune Article used as the time when the firing was revealed.

Image published under a Creative Commons License from Flickr user IoSonoUnaFotoCamera

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