#Astrology and #Politics: The Third #PresidentialDebate

Trump and Clinton

Trump and Clinton

(Astrology Explored) Tonight, October 19, 2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump go at it one more time on the debate floor making their case to the American public.

The announced topics are immigration, entitlements and debt, the Supreme Court, the economy, foreign policy and the candidates’ fitness to serve. The format is at once loose and rigid. Each candidate will stand at a podium, much like the first one, and each candidate will have two minutes to speak on each topic. Then the moderator, Chris Wallace, will question them for an additional eleven minutes before they go on to the next topic.

The venue is an interesting one, University of Nevada in Las Vegas,and you wonder why that place? I have no information on the workings of the debate committee, but the astrology is fairly clear. Using chart of the debate itself, (announced 9:00 PM EDT and constructed for 6:00 PM PDT) and the United States (Sibly), I created from Davison relationship chart an astro*carto*graphy chart of the event.

Debate Chart and US Davison Astro*Carto*graphy chart

Debate Chart and US Davison Astro*Carto*graphy chart

Las Vegas sits between a Saturn and Chiron line, firmly sitting alone. The Debate chart does not confer an advantage to either candidate.

In Mrs. Clinton astro*carto*graphy chart, her Sun line (where she shines) runs through Las Vegas. Hillary will be “on” here and feel comfortable with the venue.

Hillary Clinton Astro*Carto*Graphy chart

Hillary Clinton Astro*Carto*Graphy chart

Mr. Trump’s Venus and Saturn run through Las Vegas. He cuts an attractive figure, and carry an air of authority, but he might get tripped up by facts and details.

Donald Trump's Astro*Carto*Graphy chart

Donald Trump’s Astro*Carto*Graphy chart

An astrologer’s job is make judgements, and here Las Vegas, is neutral ground to both parties.

The Debate

Time constraints on my personal schedule necessitates that I keep this brief, though I’d love to give a commentary on each fifteen minute segment. Maybe I’ll tweet that tonight (@starrynightastr) if you are interested. But here is the starting chart of the debate:

3rd Presidential Debate-Start

3rd Presidential Debate-Start

This debate concentrates on three items of ninth house matters, immigration, the Supreme Court, and foreign policy, one eighth house matter, entitlements and debts, one second house matter (opposing the eighth house) the economy, and one tenth house matter, the candidates’ fitness to serve.

To start off the debate chart moon is opposite Saturn. It’s easy to imagine Donald Trump, with his “unshackled” statements as the this Saturn in Sagittarius. Mrs. Clinton, is the Gemini Moon.

What challenges do Mrs. Clinton face? With the moon square to Chiron in Pisces in the twelfth, she is still dogged by the public perception that she is deceptive (Chiron in Pisces). Notice the square (challenge aspect) from Saturn to Chiron. These are the themes that Mr. Trump may hope to hammer home. But with the sun, Mercury and Jupiter in the public oriented sign of Libra, trining that moon, a significant part of the public is not buying the argument.

The Saturn’s only trine is to Uranus, but I think doesn’t help Mr. Trump here. He is apt, as he’s shown in past debates, to go off script and speak wild, unsupported claims, a strategy that may whip up his constituents, but not the public at large.

Ninth house matters are ruled by Pluto and Mars in this debate chart. Here Mr. Trump is not helped by a square to Neptune, (confusion and deception) where Mr. Trump may not speak clearly about immigration, social security, the Supreme Court, or foreign policy. Mere declarations about what he knows is not sufficient if they also do not reveal a deeper understanding about the complexities of these issues.

Eighth house matters, entitlements and debt, seem to present opportunities for contentious debate. Saturn and Venus sit here in the eighth representing again the candidates. Neither candidate is helped by the square to Neptune and neither presents a clear case. This issue is a draw.

The economy in Rex E. Bill’s book, The Rulership Book, to Saturn and Capricorn. I’m assigning the economy to the second house, though there is an argument not to. Since Saturn and Venus are in Sagittarius in the eighth and opposite the second, it looks like the economy arguments are going to get tied up with entitlements, with the lack of jobs being a central theme. As we all know, Mr. Trump wants to put America to work again, though, his ideas on how to do this are fuzzy. Be prepared for Mrs. Clinton to have a carefully prepared proposal for the same. These issues come up a draw.

As far as the topic of the candidate’s fitness to serve, there will be more claims by Mr. Trump as witnessed by Saturn’s square to Neptune in Pisces. But it’s Pisces, and he simply does not have the hard evidence to back up his allegations. Neptune does like to confound and twist argument, so there’s that.

Mrs. Clinton will be forced to serve up explanations about the latest WikiLeaks revelations. With the trine to that Sun, Mercury and Jupiter, the public is more forgiving than Mr. Trump.

In the end, however, I think Mr. Trump will become mired in his own controversies. He’s at odds with everyone but Uranus, which is the planet of the unexpected. Who knows? He probably does believe that he’ll pull a great upset victory in the end, unless the political system is hopelessly corrupted against him. But with the ascendant of the Debate chart is ruled by Venus, representing women. Additionally, Venus comes to sit at the cusp of the seventh house, the house of the public at large. Mrs. Clinton scores more points with this debate, and comes out the winner.

End of the 3rd Presidential debate

End of the 3rd Presidential debate

Photo image published under a Creative Commons license issued by Flickr User Rich Girard Charts by Starry Night Astrology.

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