The #Astrology of #Trump-#Machado–bad love is better than none at all

Donald Trump  photo: Michele Sandberg at, license gfdl

Donald Trump
photo: Michele Sandberg at, license gfdl

(Astrology Explored) The New York Times reports:

As America Sleeps, Donald Trump Seethes on Twitter

The tweets started around 3:20 a.m. on Friday. Inside Trump Tower, a restless figure stirred in the predawn darkness, nursing his grievances and grabbing a device that often lands him in hot water.

On his Android phone, Donald J. Trump began to tap out bursts of digital fury: He mocked Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe and a popular Latin American actress, as a “con,” the “worst” and “disgusting.”

In a final flourish, before the sun came up, the Republican presidential nominee claimed — without offering any evidence — that she had appeared in a “sex tape.”

Now you would think that the man who aspires to the presidency of the United States would have weightier things on his mind, say world peace (or planning his next war) but no, the Donald trashes a woman whose loose association with her ended years ago. And you just have to wonder why he feels the need to do so.

Astrology provides an answer, and we’ll use synastry, the astrological art of comparing the charts of two people, to get it.

Donald Trump’s birth info I got from the Astrodienstthough I use Koch houses, and Miss Machado’s was found on her Wikipedia page.

We have Donald’s birth time though not Alicia’s so the chart is set up with Donald’s as the inner wheel, with his ascendant, and Alicia’s in the outer wheel, her planets falling within his houses.

To help you along I color coded significant parts of the charts to make it easier to follow, because this is quite a ride.

The most striking feature is that her sun stellium (collection of planets in close degree) containing Mars and Neptune is conjunct his moon in the fourth house of the home. But look at his tenth house. Her moon sits on his sun stellium containing Uranus, the North Node and the Sun. Typically, Sun-Moon conjunctions in synastry are considered one of the best aspects for compatibility, but they work best if his sun sits on her moon. With the Trump/Machado combination her sun coupled with Mars in the stellium sits on his moon giving her the position of power, or at least Mr.Trump feels that way. Instantly this sets up a conflict for Mr. Trump who is terribly confused about a woman’s role in a relationship as indicated by his moon inconjunct (look to the green lines) his Venus/Saturn combination. Venus/Saturn is in Cancer advocating for traditional roles but Saturn strengthens Venus, so he is attracted to strong women. Another area of conflict is his moon opposite his sun, which nearly always indicates problems with the opposite sex.

Now look to the orange section where we see Machado’s Saturn sitting at the midpoint of Donalds’s Pluto in Leo and Mars in Leo. It’s in the twelfth house, the house of self-undoing. Mars/Pluto is the equivalent of having an atom bomb in your basement, one that will go off spectacularly. Nor are those planets well placed in the twelve house adding a sense of inadequacy to those planets. Since Mars is the survival instinct, Trump feels he cannot protect himself adequately. But look at her Saturn. Saturn restricts and limits, and here Donald is likely to feel that she has the power to control him, something that weakly placed Pluto and Mars will not stand.

Now look to the gray area. Here her power planet Pluto sits on his planet of something wrong, Chiron which is opposite by ten degrees her Chiron. Again one of her planets reminds Mr. Trump of the inadequacies which he keenly feels. However, as we’ve seen from his recent outburst he’ll project his inadequacies on Miss Machado, and spit them out as hers. (Chiron opposite Chiron.)

Make no mistake. Trump is fascinated with and sexually attracted Alicia Machado, but since she elicits a sense of powerlessness in him, he lashes out in a less than satisfactory manner to attempt to control his feelings about her.

And what caused the outburst at this time? Transiting sun and Jupiter in Libra touched his Neptune (self-delusion, confusion) and Chiron and conjuncts Machado’s Pluto/Chiron opposition, which we already noted sets up a sense of powerless in Mr. Trump.

Synastry Trump-Machado with Tweet transits

Synastry Trump-Machado with Tweet transits

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  1. Tammy says:

    Thanks! I was wondering what was going on between these two. She is obviously a very beautiful woman

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