The #Astrology of Chiron: The Guerilla Guide to Life Repair

Chiron astrology(Astrology Explored) Bam! You go for a house, or a car, or any kind of credit and find a bill sent to collection sinks your chances for the loan or a decent interest rate. What do you do, lie there and take it? . A useful little book shows the way out of your financial woes: The Guerilla Guide to Credit Repair. As the title suggests, if you follow the suggestions in this book, your pedantic financial institution won’t know what hit it.

There are times in life, where an event seems to come out of nowhere, as in our like a guerilla attack and hits you where you live. This is Chiron, called by Barbara Hand Clow as the rainbow bridge between the inner and outer planets. Because Chiron can hit us in unexpected ways, we may feel we are under attack by guerilla forces. But it is also our own guerilla guide to life repair.

Chiron–The Wounded Healer

We call Chiron the wounded healer. Chiron was a centaur, half human, half horse. Although he was an immortal being, he suffered a festering wound in his hoof that would not heal. This wound demonstrates an important connection between Chiron and his spirituality. As Pisces rules the feet, and is the zodiac sign of spirituality, the wound symbolizes Chiron unable to close the gap between his higher self and his earthly body.

Saturn is the planet that talks about the body in general, and the structure of things. Saturn defines the day-to-day collective existence of humanity upon the earth. It marks the place of humanity’s consciousness up to the discovery of Uranus in 1781. Uranus activates the drive for individuality for all people, not just a select few with the money and power to cultivate it. This is a developmental leap for our species though a few people on the earth today still live in a Saturnian mode. Chiron bridges the gap between the “herd” mentality to an individuated one by sparking experiences that let us discover who we are. Because Chiron can hit us in unexpected ways, we may feel we are under attack by guerilla forces.

Chiron is a tricky energy to master at the best of times. On one hand, it reflects our experience of running headlong into the brick wall of reality, along with the resulting wounds and scars we carry with us from that. On the other hand, it is also about healing and that pain and struggle.

When Chiron gave up his body, the Zeus (Jupiter) transformed him into the constellation Sagittarius. This transformation shows us Chiron attained Jupiterian wisdom; knowledge of the divine within us. However, since Chiron gives up the body (Saturn) without a Uranian process, he did so without attaining the spark of individuality that allowed him to merge with the godhead. Set into the heavens, for all mortal eyes to see, a he is a signpost to the evolving soul. “Here,” he says, “for all I have done, greater things you will do.”

Chiron Transits

Orbit of Chiron

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Because of the highly elliptical orbit of this heavenly body, aspects to the natal Chiron position occur at irregular intervals. The first Chiron square can happen at any time between the age of 6 and 23 and seems to activate an awareness of metaphysical subjects. For instance, I took up tarot reading at the relatively tender age of 11, while my oldest children didn’t display an interest in metaphysical subjects until their late teens.

When Chiron transits a house, it sends us a situation representing that house that seems to come out of left field. For instance, if Chiron transits your second house, you may find financial resources suddenly unavailable.

The Chiron opposition will spark a crisis involving the two houses involved, and the last Chiron square with bring a resurgence of metaphysical and spiritual interests, this time with seasoned with an adult understanding. This is when many people find religion again and return “home” to their childhood religions. The last major transit is the Chiron return around age 50 to 52. Barbara Hand Clow tell us that this transit is the last time to “get it right,” where if we’ve failed Saturn’s tests at either of the its natal returns, we can make it right here. Even for those that mastered their returns, this is the acid test of spiritual maturity. Have we been able to manifest our highest selves within our bodies? Do we live consciously as souls within flesh, instead of flesh with souls?

Like Chiron, we may need to suffer to attain wisdom. As you struggle to cope with changing circumstances you find you are much more adroit in this area than you thought, fostering a new confidence in your abilities. In learning the centaur’s lessons we successfully master Chiron’s guide to life repair.

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