The Astrology of Accidents: Death at the Gate of the Listening Post

Entrance to Fort George Meade

One entrance to Fort George Meade

(Astrology Explored) In a bizarre incident, two men reported to be dressed as women, attempted to breach the gate of Forte George Meade in Maryland, which houses the campus of the National Security Agency at approximately 9:00 AM, March 30, 2015. The vehicle the two men were driving was reported stolen from a nearby motel.

The driver of the vehicle, instead of following exit instructions drove into a NSA police vehicle that was positioned close to a road that ran to the NSA building proper. For reasons unknown, shots were fired at the black SUV before it crashed into the NSA vehicle.

According to news reports three people were sent to the hospital. One man died.

The NSA reports that the two men were most likely under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident. They did not believe that the attempted breach was not part of a terror operation.

The Washington Post report drew a story of two cross-dressing men that were picked up the previous night in Baltimore, fifteen miles from Fort Meade, spent the night with the owner of the SUV, and then took off the next morning in the SUV, while its owner still slept. From there, some think, the two men got lost, took a wrong turn at the exit for Fort Meade, was stopped at the checkpoint, instructed to take a left to exit, and then for unknown reasons, shots were fired and the SUV crashed head-on into the government vehicle.

Over 14,000 military personnel and 28,500 civilians work on the base, so the checkpoints that grant entry to the campus are used to large amounts of traffic each day. Similar incidents did not turn deadly.

It’s not the first time someone has disobeyed orders at an NSA gate. In July, a man failed to obey an NSA officer’s command to stop as he approached a checkpoint. The man drove away, injuring an NSA officer and nearly striking a barricade. He was later arrested and is awaiting trial on federal charges.
Earlier this month, police captured a man accused of firing at a building on the NSA campus. The man, who was also accused of shooting at vehicles, told police he heard voices.

And that’s it. No other information is forthcoming about this incident as different Federal agencies investigate this incident turned deadly at the gates of the listening post of America.

Fort George Meade’s history is long and varied, going back to its original function a way station and railroad junction between two rail lines:

Annapolis Junction was established as a rail junction on the north-south mainline of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) when the tracks of theAnnapolis and Elk Ridge Railroad terminated here in 1840. Since this provided a rail route to Annapolis from Washington and Baltimore via the B&O, it was, therefore, a junction to Annapolis. On August 26 1844 the Annapolis Junction post office opened.

This particular piece of real estate seems resonate with communication technology.

On May 1, 1844, in a small wooden building along the railroad tracks, the first practical news telegram was sent from Annapolis Junction. The message, fromAlfred Vail to Samuel F. B. Morse, announced that the Whig Party candidate would be Henry Clay, and his running mate would be Theodore Frelinghuysen. The candidates left Annapolis Junction by train, and arrived in Washington to find the news was already being announced in the city by the local papers.

Now it houses the largest security agency in the United States that engages in the collection, collation and extrapolation of intelligence data from all over the world.

What turned this situation deadly?

Let’s take a look at the event chart.

From news reports we have a reliable approximate time of the incident. It fixes the house positions and the planets in them.

We see first off, Uranus,the planet of the unexpected, the South Node, the Sun, Mercury, Chiron, the planet of “something wrong” and Neptune, the planet of illusion, in the eleventh house. The eleventh house talks about large organizations, large groups of people, government workers, and Congress.

Notice that in the middle is the Sun in Aries, and Mercury in Neptune. These are the two men in the car. They are beset and surrounded by large masses of people (Uranus) and confusion (Neptune). The older man is driving and he is the one that is shot dead, because Pluto, the planet of death, makes a challenge aspect, (square) to that Sun.

The shots come from the guard shack and strike the older man. I say this because Mars in Aries is positioned in the twelfth house pointing toward to the direction of the driver’s side of the car, and this from the pictures is where the guard shack is. This Mars is unaspected and at the 29 degrees, a anarectic critical degree of decision.

Astrotheme says about an unaspected Mars:

…when Mars is in his home, exaltation, exile, or fall, his unaspected condition has stronger consequences, with a special mention for Mars in Aries, in his home. In such a case, Mars expresses himself without restraint and in fits and starts.

What the astrology says is this: The older man is told to go left, which he does. But perhaps what is not part of the instruction (Neptune=confusion) is that he was supposed to take another sharp left to the roadway that leads to the highway. Instead he goes straight towards another road. The government SUV is coming down the road.

The shooter at the guard shack sees the black SUV is not following directions, probably thinks this is deliberate, sees the potential crash between the two vehicles, draws his weapon and making the critical decision, an reacts in that spilt second with his training. He shoots at the black SUV and strikes the driver of the vehicle. The older man dies, the SUV careens into the government vehicle, then the black SUV is sent by the force of the blow up in the direction they should have gone.

It was a mistake on the part of civilian that a military mind perceived as a threat. The cross dressing civilian wasn’t trying to “ram the gate” or even the government SUV. In fact, there was no gate to ram at the moment the car was in motion, no barriers erected. It was the convergence of military verses civilians, of interpreting things according to a battlefield situation instead of a civilian one. It was a mistake on the part of civilian that a military mind perceived as a threat.

Of course, the government does not want us to know this, and they are hoping that by spinning it in the worst possible way for the unfortunate men in that SUV that the American public will think they got what they deserved and forget about it.

Should we?

Horoscope chart of the NSA shooting March 30, 2015

Public Domain Photo shot by Sallico.

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