Weekly Astrology Forecast: The Fated Nature of Our Desires

desire1Week of February 19 to February 25

Our forecast week started Friday with an uncommon configuration of stars in the sky, a 5-pointed star.

Throughout the ages the 5-pointed star has been a symbol rich in meaning, signifying the course of Venus through the heavens. Venus as it dances around the sun in its forward motions, stations and retrograde periods appears to trace a 5 pointed star in the sky, something the ancients were well of.

Venus in early cultures was considered planet of war. The ancient Sumerians considered her thus and so did the Maya. For us Venus is the goddess of love and inspiration.

The symbol in the sky on Friday, made up as it is by two yods, and a trine shows us the fated nature of our desires. The planets involved are Saturn in Libra, speaking about commitment to our relationships, Mars in Leo, ardent passion, Moon in Taurus, material security, Sun in Pisces, romance, and Pluto in Capricorn, changing the structure of the status quo. This may be our real Valentine’s Day, when we can manifest the passion and romance we desire!

Aries—Things get serious for you, Ram, as you realize that love isn’t all kisses and cuddling. Someone may ask you for a commitment. Are you up for challenge?

Taurus—Your relationships only go off balance when you try to force your hand. Step back and take a more cooperative approach.

Gemini—Destiny takes a hand and leads you to that place you try so hard to avoid. Yes, Gemini, even though it seems like you can’t decide, the Universe has decided for you.

Cancer—It is likely you are feeling overburdened by the demands of your relationships with others. You are restless and yearn for a get-away. Plan some short day trips to relieve your stress.

Leo—No one is more passionate in love than the Lion, but this time you may have bitten off more than even you can chew. Use birth control.

Virgo—Others say yes, yes; you say no, no. If you refuse to drop your obsession with perfection you’ll miss out on some of the hottest nights of this cold winter. Live a little.

Libra—Things are changing in your world, Libra, and you may find that you have to give-up something to get something better. Maybe giving up a little freedom is worth it to share your heart with someone who cares.

Scorpio—Bam! What just hit you? Something that was staring you in the face the whole time! Go get him or her. They’ve been waiting for you.

Sagittarius—Oh geez! Can it be wedding bells in Sag’s future? Considering all that your partner has been through just to be with you, it might be the least you can do.
Capricorn—What or who are you running from, Capricorn? Is discretion the better part of valor? He or she who loves but refuses to lose by avoiding the whole game finds himself or herself without anyone to play games with.

Aquarius—Mixed messages scramble your brain. Does your intended want you or not? Reach out to your sense of inner knowing rather than depending on the words of another for accurate information.

Pisces—The frenetic pace of your life kicks up a notch. New people and new opportunities come in at the right time. Don’t listen to naysayers.


Photo printed under a Creative Commons license from Flickr.

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