Reader’s Question: Understanding Psychic Abilities Through Astrology

astrologers-mailbox-copyHello, I’ve read this article about how your zodiac can effect your psychic ability. I dont think I’m psychic but I do know I sense some things that others can not. I was born March 8,1992 at 12:40 p.m. in Mobile, Alabama. if you know about anything about what is going on with me, please let me know.

We are all psychic, though not all of us are aware of it. Some of us are more in tune with our abilities than others, just as some people have more a talent for music or art. However, because our culture, heavily influenced by certain religious beliefs, tends to brand people who have an extra measure of these talents as somehow “in league with the devil” we are a people in denial that such abilities exist or if they do, they are not useful. Because of this our culture is ill prepared to handle the needs of people, especially young people, who are trying to understand experiences that does not fit that of most people. Moreover, it is very frustrating for people who have psychic abilities to describe them to people who just aren’t in tune with these extraordinary abilities. It is like trying to describe the colors of the rainbow to a blind person who never saw color.

About 2% of the population have marked psychic abilities. Though this number seems small, smaller still are the people who have navigated the tricky waters of coming to understand their gifts and put them to productive use.

As a Sun sign Pisces, you have a natural ability to sop up (like a sponge) the emotions of other people around. If you think about it, you will realize that you do not know where your personal feelings begin and where the feeling of those in your immediate surroundings end. In addition to this in your horoscope you have three planets, Venus, Mars and Saturn in the eighth house. In my recent article at Sasstrology I wrote about the eighth house:

“The Eighth is a house of deep and abiding secrets, of seemingly magical connections, representing the thin veil that separates this world from the next. It is the place of alternate Universes, or as the Celts believed, the home of the Sidthe (pronounced shee), the land where time runs different from ours, where once entered, you are forever changed. The people who have strong Eighth House, Scorpio or Plutonic influences feel keenly that there is much more to the Universe than our dimension reveals. They feel the cold burning heat of dimensions that, if expressed, threaten to tear apart our neat and orderly three-dimensional existence. For this reason, these influences leave a mark on their soul, resulting in a certain wariness about the circumstances of their lives. This is the source of their intensity and their driving need to understand the mysteries of the Universe.”

With your eighth house ruled by the air sign Aquarius, you are trying to reason out your experiences. But the eighth house is felt, not analyzed, so you are having difficulty understanding the “things that go bump in the night.” However, these experiences have become more frequent of late because of a series of transits, that is planets in the sky as they are right now, traveling over your eighth house planets.

This is made all the more difficult for you because of your Taurus moon. Taurus is the zodiac sign of the practical material world, the moon represents your emotions. You feel like the earth should be solid and material than it is feeling to you, which is a source of your discomfort.

The eighth house is the house of occult activities, so it is not a far stretch to come to the conclusion that you’ve been dabbling in the use of some psychic tools, such as Tarot cards or a Ouji board or even rudimentary spell craft. However, for you, with your strong eighth house influences and at your stage of development, this is like putting a set of car keys in the hands of a ten year old. Ripping open the veil from this world to the next is not for amateurs. And it is scaring you witless. So for now, toss out the Ouji board, burn the Tarot cards and put those things aside until you find a teacher that will help guide you to productive uses of your abilities. As my teacher told me, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”




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1 Response to Reader’s Question: Understanding Psychic Abilities Through Astrology

  1. piscesdaily says:

    I just wanted to confirm that the writer is right. This is something that you dont want to jump into until you know how to protect yourself and say “not right now, quiet please”

    On another note I find people who have Pluto in their 8th house have a great interest in cultures and belief systems. Something that might interest you if you haven’t already started reading up on it.

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