Weekly Astrology Forecast: Don’t Get a Hair Cut

wtfAstrology for the Week of February 26 to March 4, 2010

With Venus, the planet of money, beauty and love coming to sit with Uranus in tension aspect to the planet of burdens, Saturn, in the sky there are a few things I wouldn’t do. First I wouldn’t invest in the “next big thing’ or anything risky. I wouldn’t start an affair with that enticing person at the office. And I wouldn’t get a haircut.

Venus is a multi-tasker all right, because she once was Ishtar, the Babylonian great goddess who had many more roles. She shed some of them to become more copasetic with the patriarchal Greek Pantheon. It doesn’t do to have a goddess of love whose hands get bloody from time to time fighting a war.

But right now that could happen, because Venus hates to be restricted, and Saturn wants to do just that. Saturn is in the relationship oriented sign of Libra and is he ever hot on the trail of nailing paartnerships down. With a Yod forming between Saturn, Neptune and Mars we are tempted to go overboard in every direction, we are feeling that somehow “fate” or “destiny” is playing a hand in our lives and we are tempted to do things for purely selfish motives. So when we examine our partners and find them wanting and when we look at other people and find them irresistible we are only trying to satisfy desires that are best left in the closet.

Aries—You are caught in a situation that you can’t resolve directly. You must get your head out of thinking that you can fix things through brute action. Examine your motives.

Taurus—Other people’s needs are more important than your own, and secretly you are annoyed that they are. Try a little tenderness.

Gemini—You are feeling off your game as everyone around you seem to have their head in the clouds, or up the bottom part of their anatomy, depending on your viewpoint. Don’t expect direct answers right now.

Cancer—Issues from the past loom large. You have a tendency to look backward rather than forwards, and scurry sideways to avoid sticky issues. Avoidance is a survival tactic, especially for prickly Crabs, but is this really going to help you in the long run?

Leo—Alliances made now will have far reaching consequences into the future. Be careful what you wish for.

Virgo—You ability to focus on the details is a blessing sometimes and a curse others. Thin on this latter this week and try not to sweat them.

Libra—Either you or your partner is trying to force a partnership issue. Libra won’t start a fight but you will finish it. Try to consider the long range consequences before you do so.

Scorpio—You rock, Scorp and this week you get the recognition you so richly deserve. Try not to shy away from the light!

Sagittarius—Relationships with significant others are strained from issues revolving around what you should be doing as opposed to what you want to do. Does this sound familiar?

Capricorn—From time to time Capricorn, you are critical of other’s efforts. You? Yes, Capricorn and this time is one of those times. Chill.

Aquarius—Other people are talking at you, but you can’t hear a word they are saying. Put your listening ears on, for heaven’s sake.

Pisces—Feeling like the world revolves around you? Well, heck Pisces, it sure is. Make the most of opportunities now, because the brass ring is only comes around once this year.

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