Saturn in Libra: Sympathy for Two Devils

Saturn in LibraI decided to drop in on Saturn in Libra, and the old guy while not exactly warm and fuzzy when he came to the door he did invite me for some tea and cookies.

“Here, dear,” he said as he fished out the teabag in his cup and plopped it into mine. He was generous with his hot water though, straight from the teakettle, but then again Saturn tends to be. “Have a cookie or two”, he wheezed, as he passed me a half empty bag of store brand shortbread.

“That’s OK,” I protested remembering I received Saturn in Virgo’s homemade rice flour carob chip no sugar added cookies in better humor.

“Oh, well, then. More for me.” Saturn in Libra smiled.

“I must say, that pink trench coat is lovely, but don’t you find it a little warm in the house? I say.

‘Oh, no, dear. With the price of oil, I never keep the heat up past 60. You like it?” Saturn smiled. “I did manage to get a very good price for it at the Goodwill.”

I shivered; realizing the chill I felt was not just from his lackluster hospitality.

“Darn that Pluto in Capricorn,” I say with sympathy.

“Pluto!” snorts Saturn. “He wraps himself up in the sign that I rule, and he acts like he trying to do the best for all of us by transforming the established world order.” Saturn bangs his fist on the table. “I won’t have it!”

“Ah, so that’s what the conflict is about!” I blurted.

“Pardon? “ Saturn in Libra says scrunching up his eyes under his bushy eyebrows.

“The square between you and Pluto going on right now.” I say.

His fist hit the table again, making the teacups jump. “Darn right, Missy! You don’t go around shuffling things just because you can. There is a reason for the way things are. Tradition. Order. Its how the world works. It that Pluto things he can pull one over on me, he’s got another thing coming.”

He leans over the table conspiratorially. “And I’ve got the Moon in Cancer helping me on the eclipse on the 31st. She’s none to happy with how Pluto been shaking things up on the home front, making it impossible for people to keep their homes. He’s going to get what for, I tell you.”

“Hmmn,” I say. “Thanks for the head up. I’ve got to run off now.”

“But you just got here.”

“Yeah, but you remind me I have something very important to do.”

“Well, come back soon,” Saturn in Libra hoarsely as he shows me the door.

“Will do,” I promise as I run off to the pharmacy to refill my Xanax prescription. I haven’t needed them for a while, but I have a feeling I will soon.

Photo published under a Creative Commons License by from Flickr

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