Relationship Astrology: Uranus & Establishing A Pair As A Couple

come-together-smallDisruptive Uranus is not thought of as a romantic planet, a planet of unity or a planet that has a part in establishing a relationship. Yet, an important task in establishing a happy marriage is to ”separate from one parents and establish a home.” Separation is a Uranus function as this planet presides over all manner of separations from teenage rebellion to divorces. Even older adults who have established themselves in the world, when they form a new love relationship are subject to the workings of Uranus.

Uranus at its core is about finding our individuality and our gifts stemming from it and using those for the betterment of the collective. Whether your collective is a playgroup or a workgroup hardly matters. If you are part of something that is more than one you are part of a collective.

In a relationship, whether we want to our not, our role changes and expands, bringing us more reassurances, more joys, but also more duties and responsibilities. It is Uranus that helps us dig deep into ourselves that helps us separate from our old notions of ourselves to satisfy the new demands of the relationship.

Jody and Steven Forrest in their book, ‘Skymates: The Astrology of Love, Sex and Intimacy” talk about the synastry of Uranus and how that planet in aspect to planets of the other partner in the relationship unlocks different aspects of each other. They say:

In intimacy, uranzation is a giddy feeling, not for the fainthearted. The rug is pulled out from under the uranized planet. Everything is questioned. Idols fall. Comforting certainties evaporate. A voice exhorts us, “Don’t follow leaders!”

So the fluttering of our hearts in the beginning stages of a relationship is not just about the influx of hormones to our systems, but the dawning and scary realization that everything we know is about to change. Uranus brings about the sense of peering over the brink of the precipice and taking the leap of faith that we will survive taking that step over edge and into the formation of a couple.

The composite chart, the chart of the midpoints of the planets of both parties is especially revealing in how Uranus acts in our relationships.

For instance, in the composite chart of Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg, we see Uranus in the twelfth house inconjunct the composite Sun, which is sextile, the composite Moon. The Sun, of course, represents Speilberg, while the Moon signifies Capshaw. Uranus sitting in the twelfth talks about deep inner issues, one of them being religion. The composite Sun shows stress to extremes about this issue. His own upbringing as Jewish was marked by his mother’s decision to raise the family in non-Jewish neighborhoods, leaving the young Spielberg the odd boy out in the neighborhood. His memories as growing up Jewish was more cultural than observant. “ . . . he remembers that when the family moved from New Jersey to Scottsdale, they stopped keeping kosher for no particular reason.”

Capshaw was raised Episcopalian, (some sources say Methodist) and she may have flirted with Scientology at one time.

[Kate] Capshaw converted to Judaism before the marriage [to Steven Spielberg], she said, “because I liked the religion’s emphasis on family, and I wanted my child to born a Jew. When I converted, Steven was delighted, but then all the people in his family who were supposed to fall to their knees in exultation didn’t say a word, because they so wanted me to know that it didn’t matter to them.”

The decision to do so proved prescient in a sense because Spielberg remembers:

When my son was born, it greatly affected me. I decided I wanted my kids raised Jewish, as I was. I have wonderful memories of my Judaism when I was a child–not a teenager, but a child,”

Thus this twelfth house composite Uranus helped this pair to establish themselves as a base of a family through a shared religion. It helped both to resolve inner conflicts over religion thus helping them to grow as individuals and as a couple.


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