Weekly Astrology Forecast: All the Wrong Sorts of People

grrrrAstrology for the week of November 13 to November 19

Whenever Venus goes into Scorpio I remember what my astrology teacher told our class about Venus in Scorpio people. With a sigh she said, “They tend to love the wrong person, every time.

Like Venus in Capricorn, the folks born with Venus in Scorpio tend to be a bit mixed up about what should happen in a love relationship. The driving intensity of the Scorpio dichotomy overtakes sense and reason, and when their buttons are hit they are fully engaged. That the relationship takes them “to hell and back again” hardly matters. Merely being in love is not enough. They need to feel the earth shaking passion of total immersion and connection with the Universe. And dear Lord, if they don’t get it, they turn colder than an Artic wave front freezing you out as if you did something wrong. In a strange off hand way, Venus in Scorpio knows there is something wonky in their make-up. Maybe that’s why they chose people who they can safely discard, people who are unavailable or who will ultimately disappoint them. Despite what traditional astrological texts say, it is not about the sex. It is about playing “chicken” with the Universe, and Scorpio is not the one that backs-off.

Venus is in Scorpio now and challenges Mars, which represents your sex drive, lovers and ships passing in the night. Get the picture? The siren call of the unavailable or unsuitable lover goes out, and those that are susceptible follow its lure putting us in touch with all the wrong sorts of people.

Aries—What you see is not what you get, Aries. If you want to make love last, you are going to have to work on more than pouting if your honey isn’t paying attention to you.

Taurus—You want to solidify your partnership with your significant other. Your SO wants to twists the sheets. If you withhold affection to make a point, you’ll find yourself on the outside looking in. Be safe and don’t play games.

Gemini—It’s fun and games for the weekend, but the beginning of the week takes a more serious turn. People seem to speak in riddles. What’s up with that?

Cancer—When family members go off to play without you on the weekend you pout. But it does give you some alone time to sort out some things for yourself. Try new solutions for old problems for the best results.

Leo—New ideas pop out of nowhere. This is normally a good thing, but you are trying to wrap up the project, not rework it. Slow down and ask other people their opinion.

Virgo—Tempted as you are by sinful desires, whether it be the hottie by the water cooler rich imported chocolate, you know it is best to abstain. If you don’t, it will be like having a bag of potato chips in hand. Can you have only just one?

Libra—Serious changes are due for lovely Libra. Though you ‘d rather play, a potent Saturn challenge to Pluto increases your responsibilities significantly. Mars helps you to keep up your energy level so you can keep on top of things.

Scorpio—In following your hearts desire, you are apt to overstep your mission parameters, Scorpion. If I told you to be careful, would you listen?

Sagittarius—Mercury has just popped into your sign, making you even more talkative than usual. How can you top your daily verbal acrobatics? By applying your questing mind to find solutions to business projects. Now, get to work!

Capricorn—Distractions and difficulties cloud your direction. At this time you should be preparing to move on, but while the plan is in place, you are not. Plan a short trip to clear your head.

Aquarius—Other people fail to inform you of their plans, then expect you to jump when they are ready. If you don’t you are made out to be the difficult one. Count to ten, many times.

Pisces—You are ready to walk on the dark side when temptation beckons. However, this is not a good time to start something new. Yearning glances will just have to do for now.

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4 Responses to Weekly Astrology Forecast: All the Wrong Sorts of People

  1. Candela says:

    I’m a Scorpio Venus, so this caught my eye. Based on my experience and observing other Scorpio Venuses (I do know quite a few of them well enough) I do agree on Scorpio Venus being intense in their relationships. We need to have a deep, emotional connection with our partners. So, for us it’s either that or nothing. Where I strongly disagree is that we TEND willingly choose “wrong” people who we can “safely discard, people who are unavailable or who will ultimately disappoint them”. It may happen in certain situations, for instance, when we’re on rebound. But basicly, having such deep and strong love feelings, most of will gladly do without the “hell and back” relationships. And since I know many Scorpio Venuses who got married in a very young age, and are still happily married after 20, 30 or 50 years, I think many of us actually may have special instinct in finding the “Right One”.

  2. bturnage says:


    Of all the energies people take issue with my writing, Scorpio/Pluto tops the list, with Aquarius taking a close second, and most recently my description of Saturn in the Seventh over at Sasstrology last week.

    Thinking back on all the people I know and have had personal relationships with that have significant Scorpio/Pluto signature, I have yet experienced one that have a special instinct in finding the right one. No offense, really, and you are a darn lucky person to be able to do so, because so few of us do. And if that Scorpio Venus is family trait, (because things like that do run in families, Venus in Pisces runs in mine) perhaps your family has learned to navigate that dynamic successfully. And with any delineation, the other factors in the chart modify and mitigate other factors.

    I find it interesting that you say that what I describe can happen in certain situations. That is so Scorpio! There are other dynamics, Venus in Pisces, for instance that would rather wither in corner than to put someone aside after they are done with them, especially when they are on the rebound (They’ll just feel guilty about the whole thing!)

    Don’t get me wrong. I have several family members that are deeply Scorpionic who I adore. But I’ll tell you what. From now on when I write about Scorpio I’ll write “may” instead of “tend” and hedge all my bets!

    God Bless,


  3. Tara says:

    Well you nailed it for me Beth! I plead guilty to everything you said about us Scorpio Venuses. I have absolutely no idea what a good relationship should look like, and have been to hell and back so many times that I finally gave up on them. Do you have a remedy for us confused souls? Tara

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