New Moon in Pisces: Under the Influence

Fairy New Moon (Astrology Explored) With the new moon joining the huge alignment of planets in Pisces the floodgates are about to open. Rarely do we see this many planets in the same sign. Like someone arriving at the theater late, this moon will trip her way through the seats to take her place next to the Sun, stepping on the toes of the other planets. Then she’ll exit stage right until she arrives in the zodiac sign of Aries, a first harbinger of the new spring. There are so many symbols in this configuration; one hardly knows where to start.

Neptune, Chiron, Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Mars tenants the zodiac sign of Pisces. Many people have a difficult time understanding Pisces energy. To be honest, people with a significant Pisces signature in their chart don’t understand Pisces. Some people rail at the Pisces propensity to stay above it all. Truth is Pisces does not engage with the world in a way that other people consider normal. Pisces cries at weddings, laughs at funerals, and dances away from the motor vehicle accidents that they cause by not paying attention to the road. Much of Pisces life has a “do not try this at home” element to it. This sign is all about merging with the river of life, which they do without benefit of a life jacket. “Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke,” is the favorite saying of one friend with a huge stellium of Pisces planets in his chart.

Beginnings and ending are all the same to Pisces. Innately this sign understands the seed of one is in the other. When a Pisces looks you in the eye and tell you they love you, they do so with the full realization that in acknowledging the relationship’s beginning they see its end. Maybe this is why Pisces are so notoriously difficult to commit. They just don’t want to see the end coming.

Neptune, the planet of illusions, is the first planet in the stellium and the last planet in the caboose in this clattering lineup of railroad cars. Neptune gets that “the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” It would. It invented the statement channeled by the Nazarene.
When the moon joins him briefly, she enters the gates of spiritual realm, and emerges to her next stop to greet the planet of our wounds, Chiron. Chiron is an indefatigable guide that points out what is wrong with our lives. Deeply touched the moon feels the psychic wounds physically. She moves to Mercury and attempts to voice her pain, but it only comes out as a keening wail. There are no words to express her pain. She lights next on Venus attempting to attach meaning for her journey. Venus comforts the moon, but tells her that life lives for its own sake. The moon takes her place by her consort wrapped in the gray cloak of ethereal Pisces. They merge with the sexual energy of Mars in the sacred marriage under the blessings of Neptune. The Universe begins and ends in this merging, the infinite loop of cycle of life.

So much can’t be expressed in words in this conglomeration of energies that how we might experience this new moon is through tears that flow without biding. Do not be surprised. Stock up on the medicinals and Kleenex. Hide your car keys. We will all be under the influence of this Neptune driven moon.

This new moon will hit the house in your chart that Pisces tenants hard. If you don’t know your chart, well, what’s stopping you from consulting your local astrologer? For those that do know, here is a brief roundup of the issues you might face.

If Pisces is on the Cusp of, or you have a planet in Pisces in:

The First House: You question your attractiveness to other people. Actually, others are finding you quite glamorous at this time. They just don’t how to approach you. However, if you have an eating disorder, get help now. You could push yourself over the edge if you don’t get help.

The Second House: Money matters are harder to understand than calculus. You don’t know where the money is going and how you are going to make the bills. First hint; seal off the cracks of your money leaking. Turn off the lights when you aren’t in a room, buy your food once a week instead of day by day, don’t eat out, and go over your bank statements. Trust no one, with your money, that is.

The Third House: Brothers and sisters are up to their old antics. Turning a blind eye and deaf ear will save you many hours of aggravation.

The Fourth House: Traditionally, the fourth house is the house of endings. The moon is the ruler of the fourth house as well. Where does that leave you? Packing up and moving out? Or complaining that things aren’t good enough? Only you can tell, but what until Mercury goes direct before you do anything.

The Fifth House: You can pour your creativity into new projects or your children, but either way you feel sad you aren’t getting your due. Pisces is self-sacrificing, after all, and if you aren’t getting out what you are putting in maybe you should step back.

The Sixth House: You’ve learned from bitter experience that doctors do not take your complaints seriously. If you haven’t shored up your diet and exercise program you should. Try an aruvedic practitioner for answers.

The Seventh House: Partners are here one day and gone the next. You’ll have a crush of them at your door and then nothing. You can’t be all things to all people; something his particular moon wants to teach you.

The Eighth House: A gaggle of planets in the eighth house is a gang of people with their hands out waiting for you to grease their palms. They won’t go away easy either, so you’ll have to negotiate to get them out of your hair.

The Ninth House: If you haven’t paid those parking tickets you should. If you haven’t written that paper for school, get on it. Don’t complain to Officer Friendly about his rude demeanor and keep your firearms in your holster. Ninth house matters tend to blow up unattended ninth house matters. This moon will show you just how true that is.

The Tenth House: So many people are moving through your public sphere or your office that you need score cards to track them all. Are you missing something here? Most definitely. Can you do something about it? Probably not, but keep your eyes and ears open and sign nothing until you’ve thoroughly reviewed it.

The Eleventh House: Friends, groups of friends and causes dominate the scenery. Doing some charitable work is a good use of this month’s energy. You won’ be alone and you get to do something that makes you feel better.

The Twelfth House: Hidden feelings or hidden agendas mark this new moon. Whether yours or another’s, you feel that you an’t get a handle on what is happening. You might find yourself visiting someone confined to a hospital or in jail. Don’t make the journey of hose folks yours. In extreme cases don’t hesitate to seek help. People do understand if you let them.

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