The Astrology of Relationships: Jerramy Stevens’ & Hope Solo’s Big Blow Up

(Astrology Explored) Within two days of their scheduled wedding, Jerramy Steven’s birthday and the Solar Eclipse, the 3 month old relationship between football tight end Jerramy Stevens and soccer goalie Hope Solo blew up. And if Hope is smart, this is a lucky break for her.

Jerramy Stevens has a long list of run ins with other people as well as authority. Charged with assault and substance abuse at various times in his life, he seems to skate by and not effect any changes in his behavior. As usual with Jerramy Steven’s indiscretions, the details on this incident are sketchy. The judge dismissed the charges citing insufficient evidence. How this incident follows his personal script involving violence and substance abuse.

. . . officers contacted several people in the home who appeared intoxicated and didn’t cooperate with police, but determined based on information and observations that there was probable cause to arrest Stevens for investigation of fourth-degree assault . . . The officer noted in his affidavit for probable cause for arrest that he arrested Stevens based on his admission that he argued with Hope Solo, the injury to her elbow, signs of a fight in the bedroom where Stevens was found and blood on Stevens’ shirt.

. . .Stevens said he and Solo had been arguing over whether they would live in Washington or Florida after the marriage.

Steven’s chart reflects his troubles with other people. His Sun, Uranus, Mercury and Venus challenges his Moon, Jupiter and North Node. The only ease in his chart is a trine from Jupiter to Chiron and a sextile from Pluto his Sun. Not only is he at odds with other people he is at odds with himself. The only way he can gain a sense of peace is if he controls his environment. The Moon/Jupiter combination in Virgo is unfortunate as well, because he controls by criticizing other people. The Chiron trine only shows how flawed his emotional responses are.

The conjunction between his Sun and Uranus only highlights his independence and rejection of authority. No one is going to tell him what to do.

This is one highly stressed man.

In Hope’s chart, we see a Leo with a possible conjunction with the Moon, in friendly aspect to Jupiter and Saturn. Not only is she the “life of the party” she is hard working and responsible to boot. Her faults lie in a particularly prominent Chiron which is at the apex of a Yod, with Pluto at and Neptune at the base. Furthermore her Mars and her Mercury are in the homely sign of Cancer. Mars and Mercury are both weak in consensus seeking Cancer. It is as if she is nearly stripped of a instincts for self preservation. If not for the square from Mars to Saturn and Jupiter she’d be as helpless as a kitten. The Yod highlights the need to control her environment by providing security to to others. The Mars in Cancer woman often finds herself drawn to lost puppies. Her Yod compels her to take care of them. This is a caretaking Leo, one of rare breed.

Looking quickly over the synastry of this couple, there isn’t much there to signal a long lasting relationship. Their suns are by sign in challenge aspect to each other. Aside from his Sun conjunct her Uranus, signifying a short lived relationship there are few conjunction. Her Venus, the things she loves, conjoins his Pluto. That aspect indicates a relationship based on obsession.

Then why are these two together? As it happens with short lived relationships, progressions are often the key to a couple coming together. Hope’s progressed chart shows her progressed Venus in the zodiac sign of Libra is conjunct his Natal Venus. This gives the illusion that they share a value system and similar ideas about what constitutes love. One her Venus clears his however, that will melt away and the relationship will dissolve.

Astrologically, this relationship does not have good long term prospects. If Hope is smart she will listen to the parts of her that long for security and realize that this man is not it.

Birth data for both people are from Wikipedia. The charts are sunrise charts since there is no listed birth time.

Hope Steven’s photo published under a Creative Commons license as described by Wikipedia.

Steven's and Solo's horoscope charts

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