Astrology and the News: Stupid Criminal (& Clone) Stories

confused clone(Astrology Explored)–From the Middletown Press Police Blotter

ILLEGAL OPERATION UNDER SUSPENSION, IMPROPER USE MARKER PLATE, OPERATION UNREGISTERED MOTOR VEHICLE, FAILURE TO WEAR SAFETY BELT — On April 19 at 6:58 p.m., Sansal Gokcek, 23, of Century Avenue, Bridgeport, was seen by an officer speeding while driving a Honda Accord on Randolph Road without wearing a seatbelt. His plate wasn’t registered to the car, the report says. Gokcek, who delivers pizza for Roberto’s Pizzaria, said he tried to register the car at DMV but couldn’t because his license was suspended. The next day, he was stopped on Saybrook Road for operation of an unregistered vehicle and while license is suspended and failure to wear seatbelt.

Some people just don’t learn their lesson, the above gentleman, a case in point.

While I can’t comment on Mr. Gokchek’s chart, the chart for the incident is telling.

Mars is at the top of the chart in the full light of day. The moon is in Aries, a common time for people to speed on the roads. Mercury representing the young man is conjunct Uranus. Uranus is the ruler (sponsor) of willful and stubborn Aquarius. The young man is going to do what he wants and doesn’t think the law applies to him. In this case, Mercury and Uranus applies in an inconjunct to Mars. Inconjuncts to Mars point to arrests. Why the car wasn’t towed being unregistered and uninsured right then and there was a function of the planet of the boned headed moves, Neptune in the zodiac sign of Pisces no less, opposite that Mars. Chiron sits there too revealing the defect of the original arrest. But that Mars was in Virgo, and Virgo, ruled by Mercury can be as smooth as a smooth talker as any Gemini or Sag. Supported by trines from Pluto and the Sun, this guy was let off easy, the first time.

This incident is oddly reminiscent of when in the original Star Wars, Obi-Wan used his mind bending skills with the Force to shut down the limited thinking skills of the Imperial Troopers holding them at a checkpoint.

Still, we wouldn’t want to label the brave constabulary of my local police force as clones, would we? Though the question remains, did they let this guy drive off in his car the first time?

And then people wonder why I am so nervous driving around my hometown.

Photo published under a Creative Commons granted by user bobsfever on Flickr.

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