The Astrology of Zodiac Signs: Deciphering the Heart of Aquarius

Heart of AquariusAstrologer Jo Tracey writes in her blog about her Aquarius Moon child:

My child, TTM, is an Aries Sun, with an Aquarius Moon and Capricorn Rising- I see all of these in her…and, being as Piscean as I am, struggle to understand these parts of her- especially when I say stuff like ‘but how do you feel about that?’ and she looks at me with that so whatever look on her face and says, ‘Mum, I’m OK. Love you. Next?’

Next! Here is this Pisces person outpouring warm parental love looking for a measure of return of that glow, and she gets—“Next.”


And a client asked me about her Aqua Moon lover:

Explain to me what he feels . . .

Oh, there is the rub, isn’t it.

Debbi Kempton Smith in Secrets from a Stargazer’s Notebook tells us the Aquarius Moon is the Mr. Spock moon. In truth, the Aquarius Sun person is a lot like that too. Affection is the logical consequence when you share ideals, common cause and friendship. It a cerebral kind of love. These folks do think way too much for their own good. In truth it is much easier for them to live in the abstract rather than the concrete. They pay as little attention to emotions like fear, sadness, grief, happiness and joy as possible because sudden surges of emotion overwhelms their sensitive electrical systems. For this reason, it just isn’t good to expect or demand an Aquarian show you their emotions. If you should do the outrageous and demand an emotional response, what you will get is neural pathway overload, an incoherent string of electrical bursts of activity from the brain that doesn’t match what the Aquarian thinks. “Does not compute,” doesn’t begin to cover the situation.

What is more important to an Aquarian, and to you too, if you are smart, is what an Aquarian thinks. They’ve carefully constructed their Universe around thoughts that includes what constitutes friendship, loyalty and social justice. Friendship, which seems to the rest of us like a low blazing kind of love, ranks quite high on the Aquarian scale of interpersonal metrics. Friendship, that sense of common cause, common bonds and simpatico, of having someone to share life with, is the highest form of love to an Aquarian. The old saw, “If you want to be an Aquarian’s lover, you first must be their friend,” is not just true, it is a given.

If you are looking for grand sweeps of romantic love, the “I’ll never want anyone else ‘til I die” kind of passionate love, the Aquarian is not for you. But if you pass over an Aquarian because they aren’t sending cards and flowers you might be selling the Aquarian and you short. Blazing passion is often short lived. With an Aquarian, what you see is what you get and time isn’t going to dim their affections. Once he or she decides that you are their best friend, they will stick with you for life, with more loyalty than any puppy and more commitment than the committed Capricorn. If an Aquarian says “I love you,” it means “I will go to hell and back for you as long as you are my friend.”

If you are dealing with a child under the influence of Aquarius, acting like a guiding friend rather than a parental authority unit gets you better results. True this is in general not the best way to raise children, but with this child it is OK. If you watch and listen you’ll see that the Aquarius influenced child has a good sense of how to accomplish important tasks without your input. They manage quite well the daily chores of life in their own idiosyncratic way. Spending time with them sharing age appropriate interests and hobbies is the way to reaffirm your bond. Giving them the leeway to explore their individuality will cement it.

Of course, being their friend is a job and half. You are expected to be unflaggingly loyal, tolerant of their eccentricities and not muck up things with irrational displays of emotions like anger or jealousy. You need to learn to offer constructive insights rather criticism, and guide by example rather than words. And most importantly, you’ll have to learn to accept how they act toward you as proof and demonstration of their affection, rather than to expect pretty words. Tough, I know. Consider it a boot camp for the heart. Nowhere will you learn the true meaning of love than in the company of an Aquarian.

But to answer the question, “How do they feel?”

Just fine. Next!

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3 Responses to The Astrology of Zodiac Signs: Deciphering the Heart of Aquarius

  1. Artemis8 says:

    Hi Beth, I just wanted to say thanks for this great article. It’s so spot on, and with fantastic insight. I also love the tips! My partner has an aquarian moon and a lot of his behaviour is exactly as you described. Lovely people 🙂

  2. Joy says:

    Interesting! I enjoyed reading these practical and helpful tips. Our eldest is an Aquarius Moon child — however, the moon is tightly conjunct Neptune.

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