The Astrology of New Planets: Quaoar and the Power of Man

Quaoar Artist's View


An awesome planetary energy was revealed to us on June 4, 2002 with the discovery of Quaoar, a transneptunian body that is one tenth the size of Earth. It is about half the size of the dwarf planet Pluto, but as we’ve come to learn from Pluto, size doesn’t matter when it comes to the impact a planet has on a chart, as anyone who experiences a Pluto transit will tell you.

As mentioned before, this planetary body was named for the Creator God of the Tongva people. Drawing from the myth associated with the name, Quaoar is the planetary representation of our ability to bring into form our desires.

What does the discovery date of this Kuiper Belt object tell us about how Quaoar manifests in our chart?

The Sun for Quaoar is in Gemini in challenge aspect to Uranus, the Moon in Aries and the Asceendant is in Leo. Straight off we have an energy that is based in thought, and quickened by the emotions. With the ascendant in Leo, it shows the world our royal right to create our own destiny. At the doorway of the tenth is the sign of Taurus, concerned with nurturing our needs through the acquistiion of material goods. The Sun in the tenth house sitting along side Mercury and Saturn clearly communicates its public role of bringing thought into form. Pluto opposite the Sun makes this creative potential a double edged sword. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it! Like unleashing the power of the atom we have a choice to use it constructively or destructively. It is like God telling us that we are too old to play in the sandbox anymore.

Mars forms an opposition to Chiron, with the moon in challenge position to both.Our desires can lead to impetuous actions that may open ancient wounds. For most of the Earth, by cosmic design we are barred from the painful memories of our soul’s past actions. Yet is from these actions that we face the challenges in our lives. With the resolution point of this T-square in the sign of Libra, we are reminded that a component of justice is that in a rational assessment of how to balance the scales we must also dispense mercy to ourselves and others.

With Jupiter and Venus in the sign of the moon driven Cancer in stress aspect to Pluto, we have a difficult time reconciling our rights as children of the divine with our cultural values. We don’t or want to believe that our very thoughts create the conditions of our lives. However, with Mars in harmonius aspect to Uranus, we certainly do.

There is a price to pay for this creative energy. It is the responsibility to use it well and use it wisely. No longer will flaws and foibles of our bodies and our souls be merely stumbling blocks to our development that we can safely put out of sight when the going gets a little too rough. They will be the atom bombs that demand our growth as individuals so that they might be defused.

The Master said, “Whatever I do, you shall do and more.” Now is the time for that to be true not just for a few disciples but for all the people of this planet.

Your destiny is at hand, and its your own creation. Welcome to the Universe.

To find where Quaoar is in your chart, go here.

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