Astrology and Celebrity: A Pluto Moment for Keith Olbermann

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Keith Olbermann was MSNBC’s most popular personality and single-handedly led its transformation to an outspoken, left-leaning cable news network in prime time. Despite that, he often seemed to be walking on a tightrope with his job. Friday night, it snapped.

“A lot of people are trying to figure out if this was truly voluntary or not,” said Adam Green, co-founder of, which collected thousands of petition signatures urging Olbermann’s reinstatement following last fall’s suspension.

Olbermann’s outspoken and leftist’s learnings tended to run to extremes, sparking a long running feud with Bill O’Reilly, host of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel. He often attacked the younger Bush’s administration, calling him on one occasion a fascist. His partisan take of the political scene lead to a temporary removal from MSNBC’s election coverage in 2008. Notheless, his popular show was a hit and In November 2008, it was announced that Olbermann had signed a four-year contract extension worth an estimated $30 million.

Olbermann ran into trouble and garnered a suspension as Wikipedia tells us:

“indefinitely without pay for violating a network policy which required employees to obtain approval from management before making political contributions.An online petition calling for his reinstatement received over 250,000 signatures; two days after the suspension began, Griffin announced that Olbermann would return to the air on November 9 . . ”

Now three years into his four year contract, Olbermann is out and many people are scratching their heads. What caused Olbermann’s sudden break from the show? What can astrology tell us?

Keith Olbermann was born January 27, 1959 in New York City. We do not have a birth time, so we can not comment on his ascendant, house positions or moon sign except for the fact that the moon is most likely in the zodiac sign of analytical, orderly and precise Virgo. His Sun, his core identity, Chiron, the planet of deep wounds, and Venus, his value system are in the humanistic zodiac sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is noted for their their out of the box thinking and their stubborn adherence to their own opinions. Indeed, an Aquarian, in the heat of verbal battle will argue their positions even when they know they are wrong! Chiron in the zodiac sign of the Waterbearer lends a visionary wisdom to whatever charge the Aquarian leads. Often, this type of Aquarian will “take hits for the team” to advance their agenda. Venus there lends a deep conviction to right wrongs and advocate for the underdog. Not that all of this makes him an easy person to interact with. Despite the gregariousness and social adroitness that an Aquarian can display in a group setting, one on one interactions can be tense when the Aquarian stubbornly clings to opinions and ways of doing things that ruffles feathers.

Add to this a Mars, the planet of survival instincts in the equally stubborn sign of Taurus and opposite the planet of abundance Jupiter, and much like the archetype of a bull you have a man that when roused, will run right over you.

Even with all these conflicting energies, the appeal of a personality like this is staying power. Olbermann is graced with the ability to stay with difficult situations long after other people would quit. This makes him valuable in that even in the rapidly changing and tension packed atmosphere of a television newsroom, Olbermann can keep to his game and do the work consistently and reliably. So it is a surprise that Olbermann and his employers part company, quickly, tersely and without comment. Until you look at the transits.

The transits, the planets in the sky as they are now, form some interesting interactions with Olbermann’s horoscope chart. At the time of Olbermann’s abrupt departure, the Moon, the planet of public opinion, formed the apex of a Yod, called the finger of God. Events that associated with a Yod often have a fated or destiny aspect attached to them. The Sun and Mars in the zodiac sign of Aquarius and Uranus, the planet of the unexpected Uranus and the planet of abundance, Jupiter in the mystical sign of Pisces, form the base of the Yod. What is so interesting about this Yod was that at the time of Olbermann’s termination was pointed directly at his Pluto.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. When Pluto is in action, it strips you of everything you have. What happens with Pluto is not voluntary. Transiting Mars sitting along side (conjunct) his Sun causes trouble. But Mars in concert with Pluto often brings drastic, life altering changes and not of your own making. It is fair to say that Olbermann was wrested from his position and by force by the powers that be.

But don’t start signing any petitions yet. Fortunately for Olbermann, despite his Pluto moment, the planet of abundance is kicking into the sign of Aries bringing new opportunities for Olbermann. He will land on his feet just fine, and most likely, in a better position than he was before.

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