Weekly Astrology Forecast: Things that go boom!

Weekly Forecast(Astrology Explored) Astrology for the week of March 24 to March 31

Uranus the planet of the unexpected finally slipped in the sign of the Aries. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war and kinetic action. What do you think happens when you mix Uranus and Mars?


And that is exactly what happened.

On Saturday, March 12, a nuclear reactor sitting on the east coast of disaster struck Japan erupted in explosion and fire releasing toxic radiation into the atmosphere. Two others shortly followed. The fuel rods in three reactors “partially” melted, though I doubt we’ve heard the full story on that.

And of course, now that Uranus is officially in challenge aspect to the United States collection of planets in Cancer in our natal chart, we’ve joined in on a new war against Libya.

Rarely has the ingress of planet into a new sign yielded such immediate and dramatic results.

Uranus slipped in Aries one week ahead of the official first day of spring. Non-the-less it is has sensitized that degree, one degree of Aries in your chart. Here is where there is potential for a full scale upheaval in the house where 1 degree of Aries falls in your chart, where things may go boom!

In the first house it may affect your body image, or you might, heaven forbid have an accident. Please be careful in motion. Second house, unexpected expenses, third house, an surprising communication, fourth house, you or your parents might move, fifth house, a quickie love affair, six house, a sudden health issue with you, an employee or a pet, seventh house, a separation from a partner, eighth house, a surprise regarding the resources of someone else, ninth house, an unexpected trip, tenth house, an upheaval in your career, eleventh house, some exciting new friends, and twelfth house, someone may require urgent hospitalization. That’s the quick run down, though you should always consult your local astrologer for a more thorough analysis.

For the upcoming week:

Aries—You can’t help but put insert foot in mouth though you may be entirely charming doing so. Movement presents similar difficulties for the normally swift footed Ram. Tai Chi might help, as at least you will appear graceful as you trip over your feet.

Taurus—Put away your money Taurus. Those pretty baubles you desire aren’t naught but dreams and illusions. Cash in the bank is better than Prada on the feet.

Gemini—This is time to get together with your best buds and head out on a daycation. Social activities are favored. You can gamble small amounts at the casino but don’t spend your winnings on a shot at the roulette table. Take something home.

Cancer—Poor Cancer has cold comfort in this week’s stars as everyone wants to do shocking things like leave the house to have some fun. Muster up a smile and try not to be a wet blanket.

Leo—The weekend is fun, but then it is back to the grindstone. Lucky for you, people in high places appreciate your talents.

Virgo–Early in the week efforts to pare away, consolidate and get leaner and meaner yield solid results. Others don’t understand why you are doing what you are, but don’t listen to them. You are following your higher instincts.

Libra—You want to cuddle and snuggle. Your sweetie wants to move about the landscape. This is not so much a signal that your relationship is on the rocks, but that you need to give some space to the ones you love.

Scorpio—You’ve been hiding among the rocks Scorpio, causing your friends and family to wonder what is up with you. You’ve been mightily introspective, but that’s no excuse to stay hidden in your cave. Stick your head up and say “hi!”

Sagittarius—Money issues are a drag, since you aren’t quite sure where it is all going. You should check this out, but don’t let it be an excuse not to hang out with your pals. Make a party in the way only you can.

Capricorn—You don’t like surprises and you don’t want to be prodded into moving faster than is comfortable. Keep your composure as events move about you quickly. Don’t worry, you’ll be the last one standing. Don’t doubt that for an instant.

Aquarius—Nothing makes Aquarius more happy than to see the status quo shaken up, unless it is the Waterbearer’s own. Yet, gone now is the waiting period that kept your feet in the mud. Things are moving quickly and it’s your time to grab the brass ring.

Pisces—You want to withdraw into your own little cocoon with all that is happening around you. Watch, look and listen! You have an opportunity to confront and clear away a wound from the past, which will help improve your outlook immensely.

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4 Responses to Weekly Astrology Forecast: Things that go boom!

  1. claire carre says:

    Hi Beth,
    I’m very impressed by this web-site, I found it looking for astrological info about Fukushima.
    If you have a mailing list, please put me on there.
    Claire Carre
    Paris, France
    Pisces ascendant Gemini

  2. Beth Turnage says:

    Hi Claire,

    Thank you for your kind words about my website. I’ll be happy to put you on my mailing list. Funny thing, I don’t (as yet) send out monthly newsletters or the like. However, if you subscribe in the RSS Reader (at the top of each page) you can pick your reader and each post will be emailed to you. Better yet, go to http://www.astrologymediapress.com and subscribe to that reader and you’ll get the posts from all my blogs emailed as they come out, no more than once daily.

    Again, thanks for reading!


  3. Kara says:

    On Saturday, January 13th, a nuclear reactor sitting on the east coast of disaster …..

    Think u meant march 11th?

    • Beth Turnage says:

      Mercury Rx is kicking my behind.

      Actually, March 12. March 11 was the tsunami, but the trouble with the reactors didn’t get critical until Saturday, March 12.

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