The Astrology of Superbowl Sunday: Green Bay Hot– Steelers Not?

The favorite is the Greenbay Packers. The underdog, if you ever dare call them that, is the Pittsburgh Steelers. The point spread is 2.5. Does anyone really think this game isn’t going to be gut gripping? I don’t know if I can watch, so I may consign myself to the kitchen making pizzas.


Why is Greenbay considered the odds on favorite?

Andrew Patterson, a Las Vegas based oddsmakers explained that the Green Bay Packers have been considered to be a hot team for the past few weeks and the fact that Packers are being favored over the Steelers is just a continuation of it.

Greenbay won five games straight to get to the Superbowl. Obviously they are motivated and this can’t be discounted. But the last time the Steelers and Packers met, Steelers won in high scoring game by just one point.

Just because there is close point spread, doesn’t mean it will be a close game. The average final point spread in a Superbowl game is 10.4 points.

Obviously, at some point in the game, a team loses momentum and the other team exploits it. Either a player gets too hot and makes foul and puts the other team in a better position which is exploited, or the ball is turned over in an interception, or in someway the timing of the game is disturbed.

Like chess it is playing the numbers. In chess, you can count the points of the men you have on the board, and you can extend that to their positions, roughly, gauging the strength of your position by how many spaces on the board they command and how much time it will take to reach your objective.

Numbers. Math. Time.

Which is why astrology is so well suited to hazarding a guess on the winner of the Superbowl. So far I’ve scored 1 out of 2, and you can fight it out with the mathematicians on how statistically significant that is.

Let’s look at the teams and see who the stars favor.

We only have the dates of the teams inception from Wikipedia, which is a blessing, since these dates on some teams is scarce. I put the “time of birth” at 9:00 AM for both teams, something that I do for business entities but which most other astrologers won’t.

We can’t comment on house positions or the ascendant, though is seems fairly obvious both teams have their Moon in Aquarius.

Curiously both sports teams have their Mars position in zodiac signs not known for their aggressiveness. Greenbay has theirs in home loving Cancer and the Steelers has theirs in the diplomatic sign of Libra. Neither team has their Mars in a Gauguelin zone that notes sports eminence.

By progression however, the Greenbay Mars has moved to meticulous Virgo, traditionally ruled by Mercury. It joins the Packers Saturn there squaring progressed Mercury in Sagittarius. Now the Greenbay quarterback has been characterized as “on fire” by armchair pundits in this household and this Mercury certainly seems to describe him.

By progression, Steelers Mars is in the sign of Scorpio, which was traditionally ruled by Mars and is making a trine to the Steelers, Pluto, the planet of power and control.

In fact this natal Pluto sits squarely on the natal Packer’s Mars. This gives a slight edge on this evenly matched pairing, but is is enough to declare a victory for the Steelers?

Let’s look at the transits.

The Sun and Mars is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, conjuncting the Steelers Moon. This indicates a feeling of “new start” for the Steelers, suffering from not having won a Superbowl for three years. For a team that won in 1974 (IX), 1975 (X), 1978 (XIII), 1979 (XIV), 2005 (XL), 2008 (XLIII) this is certainly a hunger that needs to met.

On the other hand, Mercury, the planet of communications, conjuncts the Packers Moon. We can’t count out the Packers quarterback as he seeks to prove that he is the best quarterback of all time.

With all this Aquarian energy, the probably is high for turnovers and interceptions. Both teams will be frustrated by their inability to move the ball down the field. Again the armchair pundit says, “whoever loses the ball, loses the game.”

The planet Jupiter, the planet of abundance, usually has a say in who is going to win. Here Jupiter makes a trine to the Steelers Venus and Mercury in Leo combination, conveying a slight edge to the Steelers quarterback.

But what really hurts the Packers is where Jupiter is sitting with Chiron, the planet of wounds and injuries. This Chiron is in harmonious energetic connection to the Packers natal Jupiter, which isn’t necessarily good. It just means that the Packers play with a lot of injuries and with transiting Jupiter sitting on this Chiron this will be evident in the game play.

Despite the Greenbay quarterback being “on fire”, no one person wins a team sport. If there are indeed too many injuries on the Packers side this may be the component that tips the scales to the Steelers, no matter how evenly matched the teams are.

And then there is that matter of the Steeler’s Pluto sitting on the Packers Mars. In terms of “weight” Pluto is the stronger planet. And what gives this Pluto a little shove is the transiting Part of Fortune conjunct this Pluto.

So its the Steelers, though the Lord knows many of us will be on the edge of our seat until that final goal is scored.

Pass the cardiac medicine, please.

Post Game Note: So I didn’t get the winner right. *Sigh*. But injuries did figure prominently in the development of the game.

Astrology Chart Steelers at Superbowl

Astrology Chart Greenbay Packers

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