The Astrology of Transits: The Problem with Mars In Aquarius

Mr. Spock, double exposure(Astrology Explored)

Oh, it’s you.

Didn’t I make it clear last year that I wanted nothing to do with you?

Now here you are crossing over the doorway of my tenth house opposing my Uranus, getting ready to conjunct my Chiron and my Sun.

How dare you.

I don’t care about how cute you supposedly look like with those “Mr. Spock” ears. Nothing you do is “fascinating” to me.

No, I do not want to join a nice gym with you. You have me running around way to much for me to have energy to do anything else.

Look, haven’t you caused enough trouble with my electronics and my appliances? Wasn’t it bad enough that you blew up my oven and I had to spend $80 to purchase a new stove element? Or that the power cord on my computer started to smoke and blew out the connection to the power source? Now I have to replace that too.

And I do not appreciate how you’ve gotten my boss riled up. Trouble like that I don’t need.

I don’t know why you are laughing. I don’t find this amusing at all.

I really couldn’t care less if you think I don’t have a sense of humor. My Mercury is in Capricorn and my sense of humor is a little too dry for you to get anyway.

Am I implying you are stupid? No, but apparently right now you are a little too “out there” to get the message. Why don’t you leave before I call the cops?

Don’t make me get a restraining order on you. You know I will.

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