The Astrology of Breakdowns and Breakthroughs: Step Away From That Saturn

White Rabbit(Astrology Explored) That powerful sucking you are feeling right now is a Moon-Saturn occultation in Scorpio. Fear not, it will pass.—Matthew Currie, FB Post

You felt it too. There was a little twisting in your gut. Something didn’t feel quite right. Is Pisces or Cancer a significant influence in your chart? You turned on the water works. If a white rabbit drove up in a car and told you to get in, you just might do it.

You entered the Saturn in Scorpio zone.

To be fair, it was a little more potent than usual. The Sun entered Pisces and perturbed Neptune and Chiron who are taking up residence there. Additionally, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is trine Sun, Neptune, and Chiron! The Moon in Scorpio kicked it off, but we’ll feel the residual effects until the Sun moves off Neptune and Chiron.

And Mercury is still spinning backwards in is orbit. The evil trickster is kicking up all sorts of memories. While Saturn likes the past, it doesn’t necessarily like memories of what actually happened. Saturn likes to wax nostalgic on how much better things were then.

Enter Scorpio. Ruled by the planet of the Underworld, Scorpio likes to take us deep, down to those places where we shy away from the light. The “I’m not good enough” place, the “nobody likes me place,” “the [insert parent of choice] never loved me” place. I could go on, but you get the picture. Where Scorpio is in your chart, is the place you desperately try not to look, but are drawn by its twisted perversity.

Saturn in Scorpio? That’s tough. Saturn in Scorpio tells us only way to be a grown-up is to look at your twisted, broken places and accept that you are imperfect. Flawed. Damaged.

I read a blog post about writing yesterday that proposed that the only way to breakthrough, to improve, is to breakdown. You admit defeat. You confess your sins. You grovel in the face of your own weakness.

Saturn in Scorpio.

And the big secret is it’s okay to be that way.

Sure, society tells us to put on our big girl pants, suck it up, act like a man. But, that part comes after we admit we aren’t as good as we thought we were, that is if we want to grow as human beings.

So go ahead. Breakdown. Look into your darkness, and then drag into the light. Step away from that Saturn. See, you are still alive. That was the whole point anyway.

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