The Astrology of Disasters: Missing Malaysia Flight MH 370

(Astrology Explored) According to news reports, around 2:40 AM March 8, 2014, Malaysia Air Flight 370 mysteriously lost contact with air traffic controllers at the Vietnam border and did not arrive at its destination. Of the 239 passengers on board, three were American, including IBM Executive Philip Wood.

Vietnamese air force jets spotted two large oil slicks off the coast of Vietnam but it is not confirmed the oil slicks relates to the missing jet. Meanwhile, authorities found the names of two passengers on board with stolen passports and are investigating whether terrorist activity connects with the disappearance the plane. Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said they were looking into all possibilities.

There is also evidence that the plane turned back from its projected course.

Inspectors 10 days earlier found the airplane sound mechanically.

The lack of a radio call “suggests something very sudden and very violent happened,” said William Waldock, who teaches accident investigation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona.

What can astrology tell us about this missing plane? Was it the target of a terrorist attack? Or the victim of mechanical failure?

The chart below is the “last seen” chart of the Malaysia Air Flight MH370 based on the last contact the plane had with ground control. On the ascendant, the doorway of the first house is the sign of Capricorn,which rules the planet Saturn. Also in the first house is Pluto the planet of death and transformation. In forensic astrology, Saturn is “the body”. With the planet of death in the first house representing the body, the chilling message is clear. The “body” of the airplane is dead.

The Cause of Death

According to Rex E. Bills’ The Rulership Book, The planet Uranus represents airplanes. Also, associated with airplanes are the zodiac signs Aquarius and Gemini (for high places). Uranus and the zodiac sign Aquarius portrays airplane mechanics. Delineating air travel is the third house and the ninth house. Additionally representing journeys is the planet of travel Mercury, and the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. In this chart we see in the third house of short journeys Neptune, Chiron and the Sun. Notice that these planets connect to the planet Saturn by trines, which represents the body. This information tells us that in the body of the airplane something was wrong (Chiron) that it was hidden (Neptune) and that it affected the vitality of the plane (Sun.) We see immediately from the third house that the most likely cause of the plane’s disappearance was mechanical failure.

Looking to Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus we see that Uranus, the planet of sudden events, is in the fourth house, the house of endings. Uranus connects to the planet of death and to the planet of abundance by a challenge aspect called a square. Pluto and Jupiter are opposite each other. This configuration is a T-Square. Uranus ties to the Moon in Gemini representing high altitudes and this moon connects to the Neptune, Chiron, Sun combination in the third house. What ever happened to Malaysia Flight MH370 happened very quickly. I suspect the ship turning back was the pilot’s attempt to get clear of land to make a less risky, though still dangerous water landing. Unfortunately, time ran out for both pilot and plane.

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