Sports Astrology: Johnny Damon–On The Road Again?

Johnny Damon

(Astrology Explored) Left fielder Johnny Damon has played through three teams in the past decade. Yesterday, his current team the Tigers placed waivers on Damon’s contract. And surprise(!):

2:28 PM The Red Sox claimed Johnny Damon off waivers from the Tigers, tweets SI’s Jon Heyman. The next question is whether the Tigers will work out a trade with the Sox, dump Damon on them for nothing, or pull him back. Damon can veto a trade to the Red Sox. Of Damon’s $8MM salary, about $1.8MM remains. Heyman opined earlier today that he believes the Tigers would let Damon go if a deal cannot be worked out.

Does this mean that Damon is on the road again?

What can astrology tell us about the situation?

We don’t have Damon’s birth time so we can not use the Moon or house positions. But in looking at his chart a couple of key transits are hitting important themes in his chart ultimately pointing to the outcome of this latest development in his career.

Damon’s Sun in the sign of Scorpio, which is ruled by the planet of transformation, Pluto. Pluto in his chart is in challenge aspect to the planet of his value system and earning ability and square his Saturn.

That Saturn is the apex of a Yod, called the Finger of God, with Neptune, the planet of higher values and Jupiter, the planet of social justice as the base.

As a thumbnail commentary, this is an individual, by virtue the Yod who captures the attention of the public. His role within the teams he plays is always larger than life, larger than the man himself. Saturn here has him feeling that his performance is instrumental in the success or failure of the team for which he plays. As such, he expects to be rewarded financially for his performance according to his perception of how much he affects the success of the team.

Saturn in the sky right now has moved onto to his powerful Pluto. His current team, the Tigers, feel like they can’t afford to keep paying his salary. With Venus opposing Damon’s Chiron, Tiger’s management believes that Damon’s previous injuries have affected his playing ability. At 36, Damon is past his prime as a MBA player and it is no secret that Detroit is now pursuing a strategy of signing on younger players.

Meanwhile transiting Pluto is sitting on his Venus which opposes his Saturn, signaling a transformation in his earning ability.

Looking at these transits, it looks like Damon isn’t going back to Boston, but he isn’t going to be playing for the Tigers either. His retirement will be short lived. When Venus swing over his Sun in December 2010 he will be considering offers by other teams. He just might find the permanent home he is looking for with the Washington Nationals. Johnny will be on the road again, but Pluto is taking him on a different path.

Update: January 21, 2011–Johnny Damon signed with the Tampa Bay Rays for a contract worth $5.25 million dollars with $750,000 in attendance bonuses which I guess makes him the six million dollar man.

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