Weekly Forecast: The Father of Lies

devil-at-workAstrology for the Week of September 4, 2009 to September 10, 2009

We are all liars. The average person, says psychologist Robert Feldman, the author of a new book on lying, tells at least three lies in the first 10 minutes of a conversation. These of course are the social lies, things like “It’s so good to see you!”, (translation: How long do I have to speak to you before you’ll go away?), “You haven’t changed a bit”, (Translation: Do you think you could crack open a jar of cold cream and do something about those eye wrinkles?) and the ubiquitous “Let’s get together for lunch sometime,” (Translation: I’ll conveniently lose your phone number, and if you call, I’ll be too busy anyway.) These sorts of things are social grease, the little niceties that keep handgun use at bay for the general population. The tiny planet Mercury rules these social lies, and generally they help rather than harm in a species where social connectedness is a key to our survival.

But deeper and more insidious are the lies told to society and ourselves to maintain the social mask that we fit in. So much of our childhood is spent in socialization, the process that takes our inner toddler and shapes it into a “productive adult”. And yet, that process is never complete is it? There is always a place where we think we should have more, do more, get more, just because we want it. Somewhere along the way, when we’ve come to settle for what we have instead of what we want, we tell ourselves that that is all we deserve, or that’s all we can manage, or that what we want isn’t all that important. A little distortion takes place. Somehow we made it OK, if only for the moment to deny our essential nature. This is where Pluto comes in. Pluto is the planet that represents our deepest desires; the essential needs that we end up denying ourselves. It is the place if where we do not face the truth fiercely that becomes the “Father” of our inner lies.

This week, as Pluto challenges Mercury, and opposes Mars, we come to face our inconvenient truths and our inner lies. Don’t expect the picture to be pretty.

Aries—You many think you are laying it on good, but you’ve told the same story so many time before that no one is listening. Really.

Taurus-People come at you with their version of the truth and it’s not pretty. But that’s just their version, isn’t it?

Gemini—This weekend has you spending time with your friends and spending your cash in a freewheeling end of summer adventure. Truth time: Can you really afford this?

Cancer—You may find out some uncomfortable truths and you want to come out swinging, or pouting. Whatever your weapon of choice, consider that mere words are not going to right wrongs this time.

Leo—Money comes and money goes in frighteningly fast succession. You don’t have to be so extravagant, but of course, you do it anyway.

Virgo—You are expected to clean up unexpected messes. As much as you feel that these are not your responsibility, you just can help yourself but to do it anyway, can you?

Libra—Social lies cover up more than the brief discomfort of meeting people. They cover up your own peccadilloes. How much of a lid you can keep on these with depend on whether or not you can keep your calm in the face of incoming fire. Duck!

Scorpio—A sudden call for help could leave you a few bucks shorter. In the end it’s not the cash that is at issue, but how much you feel obligated to help. And boy! Don’t’ you hate to feel obligated!

Sagittarius—Clowns to left of you, jokers on the right, here you are stuck in the middle with you. Have you considered the company you’ve been keeping lately?

Capricorn—Things are deadly serious as you feel the need to circle the wagons to protect your position. I’d tell you to relax, but you wouldn’t listen anyway.

Aquarius—Demanding people lay claim to your cash. Should you pony up? You may have too.

Pisces—People tell you that you need to get serious. They can’t be serious, can they?

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